How to quickly improve your blog popularity

want knowledge, first to share their knowledge. It is easy to build a blog, it is easy to publish articles. But don’t hesitate to popularity, visit. If you want to be concerned for a long time, it is necessary to provide valuable things. First settle yourself before reaching that level, lianhaoneigong. Don’t turn yourself over, is not good.

want to make their own blog quickly improve popularity, can work from the following aspects:

1, Title

The title must be

Madden, good title is half success, a good title can not only attract users directly, and the contents of the article plays a key role, how to write a good title?

(1) digital method, in the title with figures are more likely to attract users, such as: "30 thousand days into the 3: micro store that open only to make money", the user sees, the first feeling is, one day earn 30 thousand and 3, open micro shop so make money, to see how to play, it is easy to be attracted.

(2) rub fame, rub celebrity fame, celebrities in the title is more likely to lure users, people are naturally like to know all aspects of celebrity, successful experience or story, or private life. Such as, "why Ali listed last night in the hotel to see this woman Ma


(3) promotions, sales or product names are generally unable to attract users, most people love to take advantage, the promotion method can be used for the title, such as: "to build the Internet automatic money machine tutorial free, only 10



dry cargo

if you share every practical, dry cargo, and arouse sympathy, and usually used, the contents of this reprint rate is quite high. I have seen a lot of blog, collection or reproduced is full of very practical content, for example, "the correct method of confinement, no wonder she was so good!" "QQ space ranking trick, don’t miss it!", "children’s birthday, you can put the food in so doing, keep later, very simple", "learning to do Wine, than to buy a good drink, no regret". And so on

3, premium gifts

good people, but if coupled with a very good value gifts both hands, I believe that more people are willing to reprint. The premise is that we must have reproduced tips, gifts, this reprint, buddies will be more passionate to share.

4, QQ group promotion

Add some

and their contents are usually in the QQ group, which mix a familiar face, and group relations, write log, sent to the group, it is easy to bring popularity. Of course, if they usually manage their own QQ group, better.

5, multi platform release

write the article, and then released to the end of the world, send generation, today’s headlines, Baidu post bar, WeChat, micro-blog, Sina blog and other corresponding portal blog, these big platform popularity fire exposure, >

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