Jingdong customer service service but be unyielding cliff looming crisis

in the list of "fortune" has selected Jingdong, a loss of nearly 5 billion yuan, Chinese become the second aluminum enterprises, I believe the majority of poor Cock shopping this news without a cold, but will respect the Jingdong "is a man", losing so much money to let the user experience to the "super" service, money to keep prices low, providing two day delivery service, its behavior is capable of evoking praises and tears. Although VC said Jingdong Godfather Yan Yan catch the spirit, mode of burn, will never be cast, but the grass root body and brain are honest, have a big boss money to buy goods wholesale, overnight, who do not like


but a basket of rotten elite 66 Jingdong to make mangosteen he’s really not letting this go. In short, female writers of non proprietary third party suppliers of Jingdong on the platform of the orchard every day angered to write good social unspoken rule in front, let the feeling really Jingdong such as Taobao, Taobao on the dispute now, haven’t happened not to solve". The Jingdong and the orchard every day "hit" customer service response, leaving the came from the grassroots writers like tape glued on the Jingdong, written compassionate Xiongwen I want is "fair".

saw the contradiction between 66 and Jingdong and orchard every day is nearing completion, Wang Sicong suddenly appeared again to make this topic lively. This time, the Jingdong is pointed out Crestron platform of third party merchants abuse his personal privacy. The thinking on just JD saved a machine, if the Jingdong bought a set of third parties, will not be in the length of Crestron unknown heroes.


Si Cong, who is right between the online discussion is not 66 and the orchard every day of debate, but the Jingdong customer service, customer service service especially the non self torture cliff. Jingdong may feel a little injustice, but behind the incident is a reminder that the Jingdong is in customer service in mind.

The contradiction between

writer 66 and orchard every day, why Jingdong became a target for all


event trace, it is not difficult to find some Jingdong is injustice. The 66 is in the Jingdong on the orchard every day of the flagship store to buy mangosteen, even the problem to bear the main responsibility should be the development of the orchard every day, it has spread rapidly to the Jingdong on the body, look at the various comments below 66 micro-blog, the Jingdong There are plenty of people who dissatisfied customer service, the Jingdong for the orchard every day in the gun, become a netizen dissatisfaction with a target for all.

first 66 the first complaint is micro-blog directly named "@ Jingdong", rather than "@ orchard every day", the first effect for Jingdong involved in 66 of the second inextricably bogged down in, micro-blog in the orchard every day was mentioned, there may be active orchard every day granted the Jingdong to take responsibility, but this time the situation has risen to the point of not calm. Although the service is provided by the orchard every day, but the 66 is the Jingdong to buy mangosteen, so the joint will also burn anger to the Jingdong and the orchard every day on the body. At the same time, for users, a lot of people do not know what is the orchard every day, but in the Jingdong shopping at this time just can vent discontent, Jingdong naturally became a >

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