Open Facebook and closed Chinese nternet

      a recent period of the fastest growing community site Facebook is the. Contrary to the fact that MySpace prevents users from using third party services in the community, Facebook has launched an open API F8 platform that allows third party vendors and developers to add application services in the Facebook user profile. The results led to a service development boom, director Dave Facebook is responsible for the business platform in the Developer Meetup conference that has more than 40000 developers joined the project, and has developed 1500 applications.

      Alexa curve, it can be seen that, in the competition of Myspace and other communities, the platform to open up to the rapid growth of facebook. (blue curve represents Facebook)

      have to say, this is a very creative and overwhelmed with admiration for decision, I admire. Facebook interpretation of the relationship between peer website to us, and not just the fight at outrance, but can achieve a win-win goal in the opening process. Some of the most successful apps get up to 85000 users in just over 3 days, and Facebook has access to word of mouth, traffic and user loyalty.

      Chinese trace the history of the Internet, many websites manufacturers are trying to build a wall of virtual wall, their users in the loop, and by providing large and comprehensive services to meet the needs of all users. The end result is often in the state of being constantly on the run. From the earliest Haiwei Ying, to each big door now, so it is. Energy dispersion means that the resource dilution, it is difficult to pursue exhaustive and fine operation, experience can not be guaranteed, how can the user most willing to stay in your walls?
      Blog service as an example, in the mashup in foreign pop like a raging fire, domestic Web2.0 manufacturers have found that their services are difficult to embed into the mainstream BSP blog template. Most of the BSP in the provision of blog services, do not respect the standard, does not support third party services. For example, very popular in the United States trackback references and XML-RPC (to open the third party post in the China interface) almost no support, most blog service providers do not allow users to use JavaScript in customizing. The majority of Chinese Internet users have come into contact with the mainstream of blog services are in fact been castrated, such as Sina, Baidu, etc.. For users, this is a bit like obscurantist policy, they cannot enjoy excellent service such as blogger.

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