Adsense commonly used E toolbar contrast


most of the time, the IE toolbar seems to have become synonymous with the rogue software, when I see your browser rather baffling some more unknown tools people will hate teeth. Because many of these tools can not be completely written in the sex, so that people gradually lost the confidence of the Internet era of the tool. But there are also some IE tools is the love for people, these are all praise tools each with special tools, some even let many people put it down. In the crowd, there are a lot of personal or enterprise portal website owners or designer, through the observation of these tools and the use of Internet users experience analysis, find out the following general Adsense commonly used tools, and written by man, I hope to help readers.

ALEXA Toolbar

this is almost 04, 05 years all the webmaster mad attention tool, since someone broke using ALEXA toolbar when your site has great effect on improving the website ranking, the webmaster will do anything to get their visitors also install ALEXA. At that time Alexa rankings and even directly linked to the bill, a good ranking is the symbol of high advertising costs. For this reason, a lot of funds with a certain example of the webmaster or even at all costs please professional ALEXA ranking service company for their website brush ranking. Almost all of the site owners are installed Alexa Toolbar. But from 2006 onwards, the ranking of Alexa on the crowd began to gradually reduce, the webmaster began to pay attention to the search engine rankings and their website user experience, so ALEXA tool installation rate in this period began to decline.

single degree of practicality, ALEXA Toolbar or to bring a lot of webmaster convenience. With it, the webmaster do not have to open the official website of the Alexa query the day of the rankings, view the opponent’s website ranking naturally convenient. Coupled with the use of tools to do effectively improve the site’s ranking, so at the time, ALEXA Toolbar is a very good webmaster tools, but the Alexa Toolbar to later add some subsidiary functions, lead to resource consumption is relatively large, and now focus on Alexa long did more than 04 years when a lot less times, so this was a brilliant tool of the overlord today also many depression.

Google Toolbar


Alexa in the storm gradually subsided, the webmaster gradually began to pay attention to their own web site in the search engines, so many people began to focus on SEO, PR and Google on the toolbar, began to start people, it not only can be the first time to reflect the target site of the PR value, but also with blocking popups, Google.

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