No friends can chat WeChat enterprise has finally taken this step

WeChat enterprise number finally released yesterday, do not add friends can chat feature – after the opening of the messaging service, no need to add friends between enterprise members, you can launch a conversation directly in WeChat.


in addition to messaging services, WeChat enterprise also provides a standard API interface. If the company has an internal chat tool, they can be connected with the enterprise number, corporate members can send messages on the PC side, the recipient can receive information in WeChat, and reply. Tencent RTX and WorkEC are the first access party.

not long ago, WeChat on the line of the third party application platform (Beta), which is a cloud based on SaaS mode applications, with low technical barriers, low cost and other important features.


through the enterprise number security mechanism, enterprises can achieve plug and play third party applications. Currently, there are tens of thousands of enterprises in the use of third party applications, which frequently use the application will be automatically displayed in the official website of the third party.

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