Daily topics lvchuan qiyi acquisition of Youku potatoes can be seen in what is true or false

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 21st news, Iqiyi’s acquisition of potatoes Youku news every once in a while you will pass a. For the recent rumors that Iqiyi official said, this is absolutely impossible!

TechWeb had previously reported that Youku potatoes and Iqiyi is in talks to acquire the basic scheme, has been completed, the completion of the acquisition will be the fastest in 2 months. It is worth noting that, on the eve of the earnings release as early as May this year, Youku potatoes, the market had a similar rumors, then Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu had denied.

although the video circle insiders have said that the past two years there will be a large capital movements or mergers and acquisitions, but in addition to mango TV low-key financing, the old video sites are no more action.

burn video industry game has lasted for 10 years, but has not let people see the possibility of profit. And burn in the competition, Iqiyi has always been generous. Shortly before the broadcast of Iqiyi independent radio drama "Tomb notes" episode production costs up to 5 million yuan, this is the price in the traditional TV drama production industry. Previously, Iqiyi bag price favorably soil grab "dreamer" except for a lawsuit made abroad raise a Babel of criticism of the expectations of the, did not become a phenomenal variety.

2014 Youku potatoes revenue of about 4 billion yuan, but the loss of up to $143 million (about 890 million yuan). Industry estimates Iqiyi revenue in 2014 than the soil group is slightly lower, at 30 yuan to 3 billion 500 million yuan, only the losses may be greater than Youku potatoes, not less. The reason is that Youku potatoes on the main from the beginning UGC (user generated content) strategy, while Iqiyi is more to buy the copyright, or high drama. "Tomb notes" as an example.

has been listed for Gong Yu undisguised desire. He often said in his mouth is to seek greater returns for shareholders." Translation is to make Iqiyi’s market capitalization higher, allowing shareholders to take more money out. Earlier media comment: Iqiyi to be successful listing, the primary problem really needs to solve, not the financial losses, but Youku potatoes have listed in the U.S. capital market situation, whether to tell a different story of business.

rumors for the takeover of Iqiyi, the industry each one sticks to his argument. There is news that Iqiyi currently retains the VIE architecture, so the short term domestic market is unlikely to be acquired, is the best ending. There is also news that Iqiyi has already started in the demolition of VIE structure, the fastest in the completion of this year, so the possibility of a separate listing of Iqiyi also does not exist.

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