nterview to buy a network of Peng Weijie to build the core features of the service to buy site

has been trying to find some of the recent success of the electricity supplier companies, do a few interviews with enterprises, the form of interviews will be successful in the operation of these enterprises to share with you. Peng Weijie, general manager of the network to buy a purely accidental, since the previous work relationship, as a circle of friends founded by Peng Weijie bought me a very deep impression. Peng Weijie worked for Baidu before the start of International Business Department of the project manager, on behalf of Baidu with L’OREAL, Lining, Haier and Hisense and dozens of well-known enterprises in the field of electronic commerce reached a strategic cooperation, with the idea of entrepreneurship. When capital chiefs are in pursuit of large business enterprise, group purchase and B2C sites continue in the competition the amount of financing, well-known enterprises have listed, e-commerce market is a melee situation, Peng Weijie still resolutely give up in Baidu’s stable work with hundreds of thousands of its own funds, began the arduous journey of entrepreneurship and the unknown.

bought by just over a year’s time, has gradually developed into a large-scale professional fashion mall B2C. This year bought the network to create a group purchase (http://s.tuan.buyla.cn/) bought by the franchise boutique online group purchase, customer service and other features, but also attracted many online shopping consumer recognition and praise, has hit the open group sales of goods 3 months tens of thousands of pieces, a good record return rate of only one percent. Buy it in such a competitive online shopping market, not through any capital strength, the rapid growth and sales performance is commendable. I found the answer through a few real customer feedback and interviews with Peng Weijie.

service attitude is very good, very patient, very detailed explanation is also in place, this is the first time in Guangzhou Liu bought a group of shopping experience. Have the same feelings as well as Wang Lanzhou, "he said before to help his girlfriend bought in the group bought a skirt, the result after receiving the clothes found off-line, directly call the factory for free exchange, can give manufacturers reply returns are only accepted not to accept the change", "why can retreat you can’t change? It makes me very depressed" Mr. Wang said, because his girlfriend very love this dress, so I can only go to buy it and ask them to assist in treatment group, the thought that they will like the manufacturers and the attitude, but they did not speak to the manufacturers, our free exchange of help in the understanding of the skirt the situation, later learned because manufacturers consider going back and forth shipping costs are too high, so I’d rather accept returns rather than accept a replacement, I think the group bought the service so I am very satisfied, After the group will certainly buy clothes to buy them".

like shopping on bought group purchase a lot, Peng Weijie explained that "buy it in addition to the selection of the whole network group purchase group purchase in the choice of products, set director of hundreds of merchants, strictly control the quality of goods and other investment strategies, in fact, our customer service is the core competitiveness of the key. Whether it is to buy a network or buy a group in the early days of the line, in order to understand the needs of more online shopping customers, almost every week

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