The prince’s Secret the first half of the five Xinjiang nut cake custom crown line

from the founding capital of ten thousand yuan to 2014 Taobao best shop, "Xinjiang nut cake" Prince of the bright younger generation has created 95% of the whole network accounting. The prince and the man behind to tell you that you can’t learn to sell Xinjiang nut cake.



network operators in the world by Zhou LinThis is a

Xinjiang nut cake ethnic food in Xinjiang, because once the price and location with distant, mysterious, few people dare to interest.

on Taobao, however, it removed the veil and became a kind of everyday food that consumers can buy at the price of regular snacks.

in this one, "Xinjiang nut cake Prince contributed 95% sales. It consists of Xinjiang guy Adil and his two classmates Jiang Jinya, Jiang Chunyang co founded, from the beginning of the founding capital of ten thousand dollars, an amazing record has created 6 months 5 crown, named in food industry in 2014 the year two shops, the bright younger generation accounting for a seat on the prince Xinjiang nut cake.


" with the network operators in the world its operations director Zeng Ke, the prince of the man behind the Xinjiang nut cake will tell you that you can’t learn to sell Xinjiang nut cake.

is the name of

Xinjiang nut cake

2012, Yueyang price valuation of 160 thousand Xinjiang nut cake outbreak, to become the national people talk at the same time, it also deeply hurt sophomore Dili heart, in his opinion, this is what is called Xinjiang nut cake in his hometown of the most cordial but a kind of health food Xinjiang nut cake, made by a variety of nuts and sugar the.

at the time, had engaged in e-commerce operations in Beijing’s work, he told Jiang Jinya and Jiang Chunyang are very good friends, at the same time, Jiang Xiaojiang and the same school Dili relationship is very good, in the course of contacts, they have formed a circle of friends. The price of Xinjiang nut cake spread things, once out of the Ke occupation sensitive, to check the Taobao index, "the days Xinjiang nut cake Taobao index is as high as about 200000, but Taobao is not a Xinjiang nut cake can be sold." Today, Zeng Ke still slightly exaggerated description of their amazing discovery at that time.

some people click Dili eager to name Jiang Jinya and Jiang Chunyang for Xinjiang nut cake, has a very good economic mind, when they are on campus with the delivery business in 2012, still in school, Dili Jiang and Jiang Chunyang cut the cake golden Asia partners, began to sell Xinjiang nut cake on the internet.

and most of the new sellers, they apply for a store, the commodity upload, but in addition, they do the other thing is, Adil took a video, the video shows that the Dili looked serious, as a resolute attitude of the people of Xinjiang want to name the Xinjiang nut cake.

is of course since the name and price to go the cheap route, draw further apart, Adil parents sent raw materials from Xinjiang, produced by Adil himself, and then sold at cost.

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