Shopping guide website embarrassment it can shade under a tree

shopping guide website is facing a difficult choice of time, beautiful, said has been blocked by Taobao, while others rely on the survival of Taobao shopping guide website, the final fate can be imagined. The so-called shopping guide site, in fact, is a kind of Taobao passenger site, by guiding users to buy goods to get orders from Taobao commission. But Taobao passengers are individual operation station, on simply will not pose a threat, also won’t let profit loss amount, not even a drop in the bucket. Can be like beautiful, such a large shopping guide website, long-term access to a large number of orders from Taobao commission. will not sit idly by, involving their core interests, has already been "xiemoshalv".

two is not a good way to go shopping, the site must be helpless self shuffle

shopping guide a number of Web sites, and so many shopping guide site, the real strength of the few, such as: beautiful,, a Amoy network, etc.. And now Taobao has also launched its own official online shopping guide website, understandable, shopping guide sites need to rely on the survival of Taobao. As the saying goes, Great trees are good for shade., but now Taobao has no good shade of this tree, the shopping guide websites are forced to transition, and those small shopping guide website will only face the risk of failure. Because shopping guide site is the most likely transformation of the road is self built electricity supplier, such as: the strength of the beautiful said, can try to build electricity supplier. The remaining small shopping guide website, Taobao guest site, can only be self shuffling, and continue to survive under the constraints of Taobao.

Taobao is not the only big tree, shopping guide site has the value of

Since the

shopping guide websites has formed an industry, it must have the value of existence, shopping guide website for ordinary users is very meaningful, when we do not know how to choose the merchandise, can help guide web site. This is like shopping malls need to be the same as the shopping guide, but the shopping guide website is just a way of electricity supplier website traffic sources. Develop and expand so will definitely limit shopping guide website, in addition to, Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang and other large websites need shopping site. If the shopping site can cooperate with the electricity supplier website, or the website of business development interface, so in both is mutually beneficial, not only rely on shopping guide website, Taobao guest.

domestic electricity supplier industry is a monopoly, the survival of small electricity providers and difficult

, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, domestic electricity providers have been several Internet giants monopoly, including Ali’s industry to become a big boss, occupy the first place position. And other small electric business survival difficult, regardless of the strength or technical, operational, and not electricity supplier giant compared to very few users through Baidu search products, and buy products in some low visibility of the site. This part of the small electricity supplier can cooperate with the shopping guide website, in order to obtain a stable site traffic, but the electricity supplier is not only to have traffic and conversion rate >

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