Pat micro shop distribution line WeChat two entrance to share the arrival of the era of shopping

today, Jingdong’s announcement of its pat micro shop distribution system formally launched WeChat two entrance (specific location in WeChat "I" – "wallet" – "Jingdong selection"). Pat micro shop responsible person said, by providing distribution function in the Jingdong WeChat two level entrance, will help pat micro shop quality businesses take advantage of the quality of WeChat users to carry out social business, but also for more WeChat users by sharing the fun and machine will make money.

supply can also be a key shop when the boss

it is understood that WeChat users simply by clicking on the "I – Wallet – Jingdong selection" into the pat micro shop distribution system, you can see many selected by a pat on the platform of high quality goods, these goods are set up according to the different categories of different proportions of the Commission, the user can directly forwarded to the circle of friends to share goods or WeChat group in, can also choose the agent mode of these goods will be a key to put one of their own, automatically generated by the system to share in the micro shop. Generate sales, users can directly get commissions and rebates, delivery and customer service service by Pat micro shop business to solve.

The person in charge of

pat micro shop said, currently the first phase of the distribution can be more than 3000 models of goods, these goods have to undergo a rigorous screening, operating personnel, not only with reference to the sales data and historical evaluation of these goods were sampling and brand verification, only to meet the standard of goods before they can enter the commodity distribution base. At the same time, the user can also be downloaded by Pat micro shop App real-time order tracking and store management.

everyone to share the trust behind the pattern

is well known, with the explosive growth of WeChat, a huge social traffic for the development of mobile e-commerce to build enough imagination. However, due to the lack of standardized and unified rules, all known as "derivative" of the title of the model is also derived a lot of chaos, fake commodities are frequent, it is difficult to pursue customer service responsibility, financial fraud have occurred, either the seller or the user, are unable to get the protection of rights and interests.

in this regard, the head of the micro shop pat believes that mobile social electricity supplier appearance is simple to share, but the reason behind it is the trust and fun. He believes that the pat micro shop and other derivative is significantly different, the first is a set of perfect pat after system seven or eight years of precipitation, such as the seller information audit and authentication, regular sampling of goods, strict protection of intellectual property rights, to prevent fraud and scalping system, and trust evaluation system so, the construction of this series of platform capabilities so pat the market has become the most trusted platform for micro shop; at the same time, pat clung to the social this matter, social application and hand Q based on high frequency WeChat, pat micro shop launched this year, including friends, fight to purchase fission envelopes, flash purchase and other mobile social the new play, and encourage businesses and consumers to establish direct relations between the fans, these transactions between buyers and sellers is full of fun and temperature, and is not the naked to destroy the social life State.


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