What is the value of the Chinese domain name

with the rapid development of the Internet, the use of their own mother tongue to browse the Internet has become an urgent need for the majority of Internet users. For a long time, Chinese enterprises to use Chinese as a symbol of the site, Internet users access to the site is a big demand for Chinese Internet applications. The Chinese domain name is an effective means to achieve this dream, the mother tongue of the Chinese Web site, simple, clear, easy to remember, easy to spread, and its unique advantages really solve the problem of Chinese internet.

              Chinese domain name was approved by the general recognition. Since the Chinese domain name is more in line with the Chinese way of thinking and language habits, business registration, the use of Chinese domain names to promote the network has become an irreversible trend. With the acceleration of the commercialization of the Internet, many enterprises to the network as a new business model to speed up the promotion. Just play "number" role in the Internet domain name, the only absolute and exclusive, so it has shifted from a purely technical terms become a has tremendous opportunities identified by many network marketing experts as the "online trademark". And some experts believe that if the enterprise name, trademark and domain name of the trinity of organic integration, will enable enterprises to obtain unlimited business channels in time and space. A new generation of browser – TE7.0 market, so in the world, any language Microsoft operating system, which can be used is very simple and convenient way to use the Internet domain name Chinese, users only need to enter the "Chinese CN" in the address bar, you can quickly access the website.

              China Internet Network Information Center announced that as of the end of December 2006, China’s CN domain name registration total has reached 1 million 800 thousand, rose to fourth place in the world’s top ranking in domain name registration. 2005 the number of registered CN domain name is only 1 million 90 thousand yuan, the end of 2006 this figure has risen by 65.1%, especially in the submarine cable rupture occurred in the accident in December, so that the rapid increase in the number of registered CN domain name. China Intellectual Property Research Institute experts pointed out that enterprises should attach importance to the protection of the enterprise brand on the network. Many companies create their own brand, do not pay attention to the maintenance of the brand, especially the lack of attention to their own brand on the network, making the brand loss is very serious, virtually caused the loss of brand equity.

                the maintenance of enterprise network brand, has reached the point of no delay. In the well-known enterprise domain name was registered, economist Dr. Sun Fei analysis of the main reasons: first, many domestic enterprises are weak awareness of brand protection, make some China after decades of efforts to set up the brand is registered first, or false.

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