E commerce model of the dispute search engine or traditional portal

in the global financial crisis step by step, China Internet companies expand overseas by most retreat abroad, the domestic market in the land of gold turned to seek business opportunities. At the same time, the market had many eyes fixed in the domestic enterprises have to seize the opportunity of staking, a domestic market of Internet battle put up a pageantry opened.

Since the field of electronic commerce

in Alibaba, become the types of market speculators, e-commerce business model is generally optimistic. In the traditional business and the Internet combined to produce the new concept of "network business", e-commerce enterprise network business and being touted a good situation. The field of electronic commerce also has no shortage of fierce competition in the industry: local enterprises to compete with foreign enterprises, established companies in emerging companies welcome challenges, a new innovation model run on the old model and so on.


portal mode of e-business Ali created over the years, the popularization and cultivation of e-commerce market contributed to e-commerce application in small and medium-sized enterprises, its market position also represents the return of this model is feasible. However, the portal model is still subject to other emerging challenges of the new model.

and search engine combination of e-commerce model, is a major challenger in the field. The so-called "know more opportunities than Baidu search to understand more than a hundred responses to a single call" Ali (youboy.com), the "B2B+ search" product model, become another force among the growing e-commerce.

B2B search is the core of the search engine technology, e-commerce online shops. This kind of new e-commerce model based on search engine and B2B e-commerce, you can also call it a new search engine. Twitter micro blog and grow up with the same reason, Twitter in the mobile phone text messages and blog in the combination of easy turn. The concept of innovation has become a reality mode, it is easy to grow on the internet.

Ali as the representative of the portal e-commerce, currently occupy more than half of the market share. Nevertheless, its market share is amazing, but its growth has also encountered unprecedented bottlenecks. In fact, this is all e-commerce portal to a certain stage of growth will encounter the problem: how to drive sales companies. If this pattern of enterprises to grow, it is only their market share and shift into each other. The other part of the market, is slowly in the B2B+ search a new model of erosion.

is not possible, the market balance to tie a hundred responses to a single call even inclined towards it leveled. As a professional B2B commercial search engine company, dedicated to the application of a hundred responses to a single call search engine technology in the electronic commerce, to provide business information to B2B business personnel search services, and provide B2B services to domestic small and medium-sized shops. Be like Baidu, once a hundred responses to a single call comprehensive information search tools, like the popular business search tools are widely used, great changes in the market structure will occur.

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