Baidu’s C2C arena Wars come out sooner or later

      I believe that Robin Li is not ready to fully ready, when he announced the general Chinese Baidu to enter the C2C market, in fact, Baidu is not fully grasp the strength and win the battle. What Robin Li wants is not beat who, in China, this market is now Ma Yun’s world, you have to say now Robin Li wants to beat Ma Yun, that is nonsense, he is on the strategic significance of deterrence.

      China Internet arena, now has formed three carriages to keep pace, the traditional portal press shed, a game company of troops to go, the size of the potential to be another separatist warlords, the Allied forces of the eight jianchuanlibao stampede in the potential. Obviously, Baidu’s current layout slightly single, although occupy the search of this Tianyuan trend, but the Internet site wide, slightly careless have been beyond the danger, think that Baidu is how to get out from the Sina portal under the shadow of it, he would not want to be "on the coin body".

      how to do?

      Chinese understand Baidu, of course there is a way, that is to make full use of existing lead search, to make inroads into the search close to the field, especially the continuous expansion of the field, do not doze off. In addition, C2C, it is possible to combat Alibaba, like the original, Baidu has just listed, the NASDAQ "went crazy", for a time, in the domestic Internet industry fame, but annoying Ma insisted to snatch the attention of the media, made a blockbuster with Jonathan, disclosure, get the focus of transfer now, this; Ma to get it listed on the Alibaba, is Baidu announced by surprise, raise a Babel of criticism of, enter the C2C, is actually against Alibaba increasingly arrogant arrogance, reported yesterday: Revenge).

      of course, certainly not to enter the C2C arena scores, I think Baidu is based on the following points to consider:

      1, first of all, the search field has stable domestic market share of the share, but has begun to go abroad this either have stable development, or great development will be very difficult, so, from investors for the growth rate of hope, Baidu must show investors: I actively explore the market. From the market point of view, although took the news license plate, you can see the traditional portal fight at outrance competition, you must go in, it is unknown who killed who? B2B, apparently Ma Yun there, to see how, is unyielding, and people will be on the market, you get to announce B2B, not for fuel? It seems to see, or C2C this soft persimmon some pinch, that… In, from the enemy’s weakness.


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