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1 Tencent millet scandal in the second quarter: bet hardware and software integration products

Tencent and millet, Lei Ma Huateng and, like the TV, the recent launch of the second quarter.

a year ago, it has been handed over to the Tencent intends to $6 billion acquisition of a wholly-owned millet scandal, but ultimately did not come true. The previous round, millet valuation turned over $4 billion.

today, once again to the Tencent between rivers and lakes rumors, but this time, a DST route through shares lead investor. In fact, DST is one of the investors in the last round of financing, Tencent has also become a shareholder of DST. Rumor has it that Tencent shares directly inconvenience, so false DST hand may be more convenient. Rumors of this round of financing will reach $2 billion, millet company’s overall valuation will increase to nearly $10 billion.


Tencent millet scandal season second: bet hardware and software integration products

biography Tencent $2 billion stake millet

2 Sina to expand overseas support for Hongkong FB account login

overseas users to use Sina micro-blog, in fact, and we use the difficulty of Twitter is not too much. Of course, not because of network restrictions, but rather cumbersome registration. In particular, last year was rumored Sina micro-blog need real name authentication, make foreign friends very nervous. And now Sina began to support Facebook account login, which will be very convenient for overseas friends.

recently logged into the Sina Hongkong micro-blog station can be found, click on the "login", there has been a Sina micro-blog login, or through Facebook login two options. Users can directly select the Facebook account login, eliminating the trouble of registration. But in the Sina micro-blog English stand, there is no sign of the presence of the Facebook login tips. Do not know the future will be added, it is certain that China’s local areas of micro-blog still does not support the use of Facebook account login.


3 Tencent ChinaJoy7 products from the perspective of Tencent game layout: the direction of the three, ferocious suction gold

July 25th ChinaJoy is China’s first game event, the content of the exhibition is directly related to the future of China’s game. The China’s most profitable game company Tencent sent a total of 7 models of products, from the characteristics of these 7 products we can see the future of the main game Tencent product layout:

1 derivative games (3). "The moon knife" is one of the most successful animation works in China in recent years

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