58 city low key acquisition of vertical recruitment site charm 91

lead: data show that the charm of 91 was founded in 2004, is claimed to be the largest, the only China has a national sales network recruitment service platform mature recruitment website.


November 18th

, 2015 in the recruitment platform exclusive strategic conference, 58 city announced that the company has recently acquired wholly-owned industry vertical recruitment website "charm 91", but did not disclose more details of the transaction and the transaction amount.

data show that charm 91 was founded in 2004, claiming to be the largest in China, is also the only one with a mature national recruitment network recruitment service platform.

In an interview with

, Yao Jinbo said, the charm of 91 very familiar with the apparel industry each enterprise needs what kind of people, the main marketing channels in five star hotels and shopping mall, directly facing the industry service promotion.

this enterprise may not be very large, in a particular industry to do a very good job, 58 city can go to learn, or even cooperation or mergers and acquisitions. 58 city does not lack the amount of users, the lack of professional operational methodology, if the industry has a similar charm of the company will invest 91."

it is understood that 58 city after the establishment of a special investment department. In October, 58 city E-Drive announced to inject $20 million, holds 7.8% of the shares. 58 city drivers and traffic driving on behalf of business will be the original import E-Drive, and made it clear that to give up driving on behalf of business.

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