The end of the Chinese chess game

      by the webmaster Network hosted the first Chinese chess contest ( officially ended today. The contest to enrich the webmaster entertainment life, strengthen communication with the owners for the purpose of. Since the start of the warm support of the majority of the owners, May 5th – just five days in May 10th, nearly 200 owners to participate in the competition.

      the last game of the competition today in all the justice supervision, together (740960073) from more than 160 players in the finals and won the championship game. At the same time the moment forever and runner up (512251), runner up: small bright Jun (8333895) and Jesse (7287940) tied for the singer, thus the chess competition officially ended!

results announced:

together (740960073):
exchangeRunner up:

moment forever (512251) website address:

(small bright Jun and Jesse singer Liang Jun (TIE)
8333895) web site address:
the speech: chess & fusion sites can also perfect!

7287940 (Jesse singer) website address:
the slogan: webmaster nets, let life more colorful.

website address of the speech: when you forget the once successful mentor – failure!

on the cloud to listen to the wind (31288):

: the players were given more than $600, runner up Title: $400, $300, runner up: fifth, six: $200.00

More than

players were given:
[software] three of us are walking together with 5 sets of three of us are walking together, and the king of the king post registration, after the development of the right to use the software!
[] provides 5 sets of software acquisition madman madman Collection >

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