00 digital password the world’s 9 hundred Com domain name changes

renamed China (eName.cn) April 30th news, since this year, is to subvert the Internet era of digital domain ferocious rally. The ".COM" as a suffix, from 100.com, 200.com, 300.com until 900.com the whole hundred digital domain names, the world’s only 9. The development of such digital domain space and potential are great, here to look at the world’s nine and digital 00 love in the.Com domain name changes.


figure: 9 whole hundred digit domain name

in the 9 domain of this rare, hard-edged in the 5 domain names registered in 1996, 500.com is the first registered domain name, has been registered in February 1996. 1997, 1998 registered domain names were 2, and the domain name 800.com registration time is the latest, was registered in November 1998.


YY hit $6 million acquisition of 100.com

mentioned figure 100, a lot of people will think of the exam out of 100 points, the whole bill of $100, centenarians, etc.. The celebrations of the times YY push independent brand 100 education, willing to spend 6 million yuan acquisition of the domain name 100.com. The domain name can be regarded as 100 points, out of the meaning, is an excellent domain name online education brand, is now enabled to build a network of 100 education. Lei Jun, chairman of YY also said that to do online education, the next 2 or 3 years will hit 1 billion, enough to prove its importance to the domain name.


4399 game company holds 200.com/300.com

it is understood that the domain name 200.com registered in March 1996, has a certain historical value. The domain has set up overseas sports health information network, free of charge to provide users with knee protection knowledge. The domain name 300.com was registered in May 1998, check the mailbox owner that it also holds 4399 small game 4399.com domain name. Currently these two domain names are not site, but only from the domain name, the domain name is highly collectible and investment value.


investors tired of sending gifts to marry 400.com

according to @ tired Sina micro-blog broke the news, said, 400.com, gave his wife and his wedding gift tomorrow, ten years of love finally embarked on the sacred marriage hall, looking forward to all the smooth, very smooth". Figure 400 is the beginning of enterprise customer service phone, but also can be understood as a 400 phone, it is easy to give users a profound impression. 400.cn domain name has been built to facilitate the suffix domain 400>

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