Users giants computing platform is ultimately a social puppet

not long ago, a few XX diary circle seems to be a round of Ali’s social dream overnight.

although the criticism is criticism, even up to the point of view of human nature, and Ma ant gold dress chairman Peng Lei before the situation worsens "positive mistakes", Alipay has hitherto unknown label "social" label.

This is not the first time

Ali plan social, from the 2010 "Amoy arena" to Ma personally contacts, to occupy micro-blog, investment unfamiliar street, nail and on-line social Alipay, Ali is the social "love" will never change until death is. In fact, high hopes for social is not a breakdown of Chinese Ali, the Internet camp called on the name of the company, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Baidu, sina…… Which did not and social have a source?

is just a means of social networking, Internet Co ambition is still entrance

if the social phenomenon to the Internet Co get together for one reason, "entrance" is perhaps a good time. In the time of the rise of the mobile Internet, everyone is talking about the entrance, but also for the entrance, even at the border to do the phone to occupy the entrance. In today "entrance" meaning more and more widely, the possession of the entrance and the fear of losing the sense of crisis, seems to be the Internet giants forever pain, especially for positive prime BAT.

camp in the BAT, the youngest Baidu also has a history of 16 years, it can be said that today’s Internet giant is still a product of the PC era. In the intelligent mobile phone before the rise, Baidu in search, Ali to the electricity supplier, the Tencent in both search, social, or social, whether in PC or in the age of mobile Internet Era ", the three entrance determines the BAT in China Internet industry’s status. Unfortunately, the world is not so peaceful, BAT in the constant investment in the layout of the business overlap with each other more and more. It can be imagined that when the Tencent to enter the electricity supplier, Ali can not be without a sense of crisis, and when WeChat launched the red feature, Ali’s sense of crisis revealed no doubt.

popular in the Internet circle of such a statement, Tencent’s success is gradually evolving, from QQ to WeChat, eventually became a social empire. Ali’s success is operational and strategic, business, payment, cloud computing, entertainment and so on, the strategic layout of almost all of the shows Ma Yun’s look far ahead from a high plane. But it is undeniable that the Tencent, the threat of social platforms, strategic layout Ali did not imagine so successfully, even said that some passive.

in recent years, Ali has been a typical pile of mergers and acquisitions. Heavy investment in UC, hoping to capture the browser and occupy the mobile terminal entrance; tens of billions spent on YunOS, but also to occupy the first mobile phone entrance; then the High German map, micro-blog, Youku potatoes, more or less able to see the entrance figure. In contrast, Tencent’s strategy to be much simpler, WeChat payment >

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