Tianya community listed three new board 3 million shares issued

[Abstract] in the first half of 2015 revenue of 61 million 180 thousand yuan, operating loss of $16 million 830 thousand.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 3rd

struggled for many years after the end of the world community finally listed on the new board in the near future, the completion of the first round of 3 million shares issued to the specific object of fund-raising.


announcements, Tianya 2014 and 2013 annual main business income was 104 million 100 thousand yuan and 107 million 170 thousand yuan; losses amounting to 44 million 650 thousand yuan and 31 million 610 thousand yuan, net assets were 4 million 940 thousand yuan and 29 million 60 thousand yuan.

Tianya community in the first half of 2015 revenues of 61 million 180 thousand yuan, operating loss of $16 million 830 thousand, a net loss of $3 million 640 thousand, with a total assets of $189 million.

specific revenue structure, the end of the community’s revenue is mainly divided into online advertising and Internet value-added services business revenue two parts.

Baidu is the world’s largest advertisers

in the first half of this year, the world community network advertising and marketing business revenue 11 million 770 thousand yuan, accounting for the total income of more than 27%, the Internet value-added services revenue 29 million 90 thousand yuan, more than 69.63% of total revenue, in addition, Tianya community as well as a small amount of other business income.


is currently the largest advertising, Tianya main Baidu, Baidu in the first 5 months of 2015 to Tianya contributed 4 million 760 thousand yuan, total revenue amounted to 11.24%; Baidu in 2014 for the community contribution income of 13 million 280 thousand yuan, accounting for 12.76%.

Tianya said the loss was mainly due to business transformation and in the period of investment, such as inefficient use of R & D investment to achieve economic value, and reduce marginal costs through economies of scale and cost control measures, is facing the risk of continued losses.


board of directors on July 9, 2015 and held the world community in July 24, 2015 and the general meeting of shareholders, decided to 13.33 yuan / share price to the specific object of private placement of 3 million shares, raising 39 million 990 thousand yuan, to solve short-term liquidity needs.

Xing Ming holds 48% shares of

after the end of the community equity transfer after several times, Xing Ming, chairman of Tianya community is still the largest shareholder.


Xing Ming company directly holds 34226370 shares, 38.0293% stake, is the controlling shareholder of the company; Xing Ming by David investment holding 9801000 shares, the shareholding ratio of 10.89%.


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