Electricity generation operation Amoy hot open platform or Jingdong

news January 22nd, billion state power network has learned, Taobao has occupied half of the country’s Tmall platform service provider groups, gradually will look into the open platform for the rapid growth of the Jingdong. 2013, the service provider market based on Jingdong platform or will usher in a qualitative leap.

Taobao service provider market is close to saturation

billion state power network from the Alibaba obtained data show that in 2012, the number of third party service provider Tmall, Taobao seller service platform in 2011 from about 600 to more than 2 thousand and 800. The types of service providers have more finer points, from the shop decoration, store operations, marketing to the whole Outsourcing Managed are each one has his good points. Regardless of the number or degree of professionalism, based on Taobao platform service provider system has become more mature saturation.

for service providers, Taobao Tmall platform brand generation operation opportunity, has been Rui Jinlin, Bao Chun, Xingchang XinDa and other large service providers has left little chance. At the same time, the brands of partner selection, especially the value of its new generation of successful experience of operators, service providers or small service providers is very difficult to tap into new opportunities, it is difficult with the old Amoy for customers.

Jingdong service provider market blue ocean

mature saturated Tmall service providers outside the system, is the gradual expansion of the Jingdong open platform emerging markets. Mall Jingdong released data show that in 2012, the Jingdong store sales reached 60 billion, and related sources, the Jingdong POP sales have been close to 15 billion, the number of businesses also increased to more than 10 thousand, but the operation of the business through the generation of less than 1000.

in terms of Jingdong, foster service providers will also be a major trend in 2013. From the start of the open platform strategy, Jingdong began to step by step to copy the Tmall model, to create a complete ecological chain electricity supplier, and service providers are an important part of. Taobao has created a unique "Amoy" certification system, as the service providers must to and support the Jingdong of the Jingdong to help".

however, because Jingdong open platform to start later, service market is still in the initial stage, the Jingdong’s operation and promotion, there are many different search rules and so on Taobao, Taobao, Taobao was born longer than the service providers, Jingdong store up is not so smooth.

, a person familiar with the Jingdong open platform told billion state power network, in the Jingdong, many promotional activities of the temporary strong, requires the seller to make a quick response. Accustomed to the Tmall activity planning is very strong, the scheduling of the generation of compact operators, it is easy to arrange for a sudden event unprepared, in the supply chain, personnel planning out of control.

Beijing Beijing partner Technology Co. Ltd. is the only service providers currently specializing in Jingdong platform generation operation, the general manager Wang Wenfeng to billion state power network said: "even if one of the best in the Tmall operating capacity on behalf of the operators, in the Jingdong is not.

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