Daily topic all vehicles to complete the C round of financing second hand car platform or will reshu

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 4th news, used car business platform everyone announced that it has completed $85 million C round of financing, the valuation will be more than $500 million. The financing by the Tencent, as the lead investor, Shun source on a round of investors to continue with the cast, Huaxing served as financial advisor.

car was founded in April 2014, is committed to creating the Internet used car 4S shop". The company provides information, this is the first domestic second-hand car trading platform C2C, currently covering 20 city, in the sale of personal car 15000 vehicles, July turnover of more than 3000 vehicles, is expected by the end of 2015 the monthly turnover of up to 10000 units.

traditional used car trading process is complex, generally need to go through the middle of the 4S shop or second-hand car wholesale market, to car dealers (cattle) and then sold to the hands of buyers. All vehicles to take the C2C virtual consignment model matching and transfer to owner Car Buying transactions, and from one side Car Buying deduct 3% trading commissions (service charge). The advantages of the model, reducing the traditional used car trading 20% – 30% of the profit margin. The disadvantage is the large workload, low transaction efficiency.

everyone car founder and CEO Li Jian said, everyone can car C2C business model described as "Internet second-hand car 4S shop", in addition to continue to increase investment, so that second-hand car trading process more transparent and efficient, the next will be the integration of resources, the more convenient, cost-effective customer service service system, allowing users to sell the car, a car, the car is free. Everyone car and Tencent in the field of automotive business and resources are highly complementary to the understanding of the used car market is also very consistent, the follow-up will also have a deep cooperation."

compared with the C2C model, whether B2B, B2C or C2B, the trading platform can direct docking with the car, quickly find the source of cars, the amount can be very fast, but the problem is that it is difficult for users to have a deep impression on the trading platform. In contrast, although the C2C model is slow, but can be a good reputation in the minds of users to establish a sense of trust. A second-hand car subsidy 1000 dollars is meaningless, the user’s consumption decisions can not cause. Secondly, you can not develop his continuous consumption habits through subsidies. Simple and rude way useless, only by way of word of mouth affect him." Du Xiyong, vice president of all vehicles, said.

is expected, with the rapid development of China’s used car market, the second-hand car trading market quickly developed into a buyer’s market, second-hand car prices will decline rapidly. With the flow of second-hand cars in the market is more abundant, C2C second-hand car electricity supplier will also be rapid development. In the United States market, for example, its used car C2C trading site Beepi and everyone on the same line, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Beepi is valued at $2 billion, looking for a new round of financing of about $300 million.

The arrival of the Internet giant

is bound to accelerate the development of the used car market, capital, traffic and resources

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