First secret The value of millions of sales letter writing tips


VIP union membership in daily communication is often mentioned how to create Internet marketing products, the period of the League of experts honored to have mentors from the marketing channel by Cao Zhi teacher for you for the first time to share the value of millions of marketing secret letter


teacher Cao Zhi: very pleased to invite my leader, give you a share of "Internet Marketing Channel 5 step for the law", some practical experience is their own. The general process is the logical first share sales letter, and then step by step analysis, and then revisit the case of landing.

sales letter I also began to learn this year, about 4 times the actual combat, the basic sales of more than 600 thousand each time. 1 hours of the highest turnover of 610 thousand, a PPT sales of the use of the for 12 hours.

sales letter of the internal logic, that is, the 5 equation, namely: to seize the attention, stimulate interest, so that the other side believe me, arouse desire, promote action. Just start writing sales letters, it is best to start with this logic, if you are very skilled in the control of the secret inside, you can do whatever you want.

sales letter, not necessarily a letter, it can be PPT, you can also be a video, you can also be a dialogue. The internal principle is the same, that is, gradually hypnosis, so that the user transactions.

so what’s the catch?

a sales letter from a large module, in fact, is divided into the title + text.

capture the attention of two steps, the first step is the title to catch attention, because the network spread, the user is the first to see the title. The title can not let each other open, your content and then force, but also egg pain!


then write a letter, the most important thing is to write a good title, the title of great knowledge, because words are limited, so you don’t want to say what, you want to use the least number of words, play the ultimate temptation, more is to open view of relatively large advertising.

so let’s start with the title, a good title, there are 4 functions:

1, grab attention

2, screen readers and audience

3, to convey the complete information

4, let the reader read the text

grab the attention and filter the reader at the same time, grab the attention of the person who caught the attention.

OK, for example, your users are open Taobao store, then what is the Taobao store owners are most concerned about? How to blow money, brush, train, drill, dry cargo, etc. These are the unspoken rule, they care about…

then pick a point to seize the core principle of attention, that is, readers care about the content, and then copy optimization. For example: a little-known secret let you blow money, profit 10 times more than doubled.

Taobao is the owner need >.

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