Analysis of the basic steps of search engine marketing

search engine marketing is a kind of network marketing mode generated by search engine, most Internet users are using search engines to search for information, search engine marketing is for users to search information, the website information, better promotion to the target customers, make the site quickly realize the cost, improve business value. Search engine marketing, mainly through the search engine to carry out network marketing and network marketing, network marketing is one of the main methods, and everyone takes the following Seoer analysis of basic steps of network marketing:

a, industry analysis:

according to the site of the relevant industry, analysis of the target population needs, what, how to better service.

21, industry survey:

analysis of the users are entering the site through what, mining target user related search keywords, and investigation of competitors, mainly adopts what promotion, keywords whereabouts, summarized key phrases.

three, user experience:

According to the

website user groups to develop a comprehensive website design function, website structure, page layout, web content and other factors, to improve the environment, improve the user experience, to better adapt to the development of the website, improve the conversion rate.

four, search engine optimization:

according to the key words analysis, design and optimization of title tag, description, optimization, optimization of meta title page keyword layout and internal link structure, animation, pictures and other factors, make the site more accord with search engine, search engine promotion, improve your weight, better to improve website page rank, get keywords ranking.

at present, search engine marketing is a small investment, high cost, high quality, fast access to search engine traffic. Through the search engine marketing to tap the potential customers of the site, improve the user conversion rate, generate business value.

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