Li Xiang 20 thousand word article about the ten entrepreneurial experience from high school students

Li Xiang is the third venture repairer, like Tesla electric car, but the goal is to go beyond the Tesla – this sounds like an unbelievable idea, but few people think that this is not possible. 10 months, Li Xiang did not even let the public to see any car related shadow, his new project has been hit by a raging venture into the $2 billion 500 million.


venture capital money is nothing more than two points, to see people and things, just look at people, Li Xiang has been influential enough and appeal. This was born in 1981, 35 year old young man, who was the youngest in the stock of the overbearing president. After dropping out of college entrance examination in the high school, Li Xiang has created the IT vertical website bubble network and vertical car site car home, and successfully led the latter landed nasdaq.

2015, Li Xiang once again turned entrepreneur, founded the electric smart car brand "car and home", has been widely concerned at the same time, also to the 80 external serial entrepreneur entrepreneurs feel curious experience: a high school student how often 80 entrepreneurial success, become overbearing President

worthy of the name?

recently, Li Xiang recalled that 16 years of entrepreneurial experience, write down nearly 2 words long copious and fluent, the share of 10 consecutive business process experience.

following Li Xiang’s 2 words:

original dry cargo business

experience a: the user is always the most important

first introduced from my own, after 80 entrepreneurs. I really touch the computer is from the beginning of a high school, in fact, can not afford to buy a computer at home, so I basically from the first to the third day, bought all the newspapers and magazines on the market, it is constantly watching.

Gao bought the first computer, when the first computer about 8000 dollars, Pentium 133. After I bought the computer, I found that these newspapers and magazines are very unreliable, I always thought that these editors and writers, are right. When I really touch the computer, they found 90% write shit.

so the first thing I did, I wrote the most popular article on the market style, how to choose the computer, select the display card, write such a thing. Was lucky, my first article was cast, "computer information" published the full text, for a full page, and basically did not change. That was when I was in the first high income, about 600 dollars. Then I kept writing, write very much.

time to about half of the dial, BBS (Fido net) to pop up, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. To the second year of high school, began to have a personal website, but also to the internet. I apply for their own personal website, called the graphics home, because at that time the most 3D display card fire. At that time, I was ranked first in the port of information, there is a competitor

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