On a network of hot speculation promotion

do network promotion, the use of network marketing hype is a hot topic to talk about. Most of the time, the network hot information is basically a large number of portals and the weight of the high site to occupy, we do not have other personal webmaster in the long tail there is no other way to promote their own websites and even brand promotion?

a network hotspot, life cycle is very short. Borrow the hotspot information to its own brand and website promotion campaign, Tai Chi this method of leveraging the power we call for a network of hot speculation, of course, also called a speculation.

a few examples! Some time ago Lan Xiang hacker black America Google Event raise a Babel of criticism of speculation, the Lan Xiang school in Baidu’s Google search heat for 1 consecutive weeks to occupy the search hot words list, but in this case, clever use of the event for their own hype good brand is undoubtedly the pig eight, zhubajie.com also successfully launched for their new creative marketing services marketing a free. At that time, zhubajie.com immediately issued a "Lan Xiang school event is black line pig a female member of the" reports said the joke of the Lan Xiang school event is black pig is a female member for online horse named Lan Xiang school planned hype case, after several media and forums reproduced, bring a great deal of attention for its website immediately launched a new creative marketing services, but also create a good brand image, although the media have direct exposure to the site dependency of speculation, but after two times by the media Institute, and attracted the great concern, is free advertising for yourself, do publicity, Why not? Attention?.

another example is the recently popular network popular Xifeng Xifeng and Xi Li Ge, and Xi Li Ge two people are the product of lonely life network, a deliberate, hype, and another is not, Xi Li Ge even oneself in the network and do not know! Just then she and Xi Li Ge popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, many network people also began to consider how to use Feng and Xi Li Ge’s popularity for his or her website or brand hype, notably a field game website immediately PS Xi Li Ge endorsement of the image of the game, there is the Jiangsu Guardian invited her to participate in its programs and special planning a wind brother-in-law image, now it seems that these are a good client speculation promotion case. More recently, a team of students start out Fengjie jeering and Xi Li Ge are the team behind the scenes they re operation, the purpose is to let them popular, I think a little on the network mix for a time see what will understand and through a Xifeng and Xi Li Ge want to borrow hype example!

others eat, we eat soup. Would like to borrow the hot spots of this piece of fat meat to drink a bowl of delicious soup is not an easy thing, which also requires the opportunity, luck, ability and media cooperation can be completed.

first of all, to have a pair of eye. Always pay attention to the network hot, keep a clear head, or a little note >

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