Three steps of network marketing

      a website promotion: search engine optimization is the site of the lowest cost effect in the promotion of the best advertising website. It can bring you a valid user. Whether you are selling services to sell products or investment. The popularity of the site is the most basic elements of the entire operation. With the flow, in order to talk about selling services, selling products or investment. The search engine marketing website to increase exposure, whether natural or site optimization ranking PPC and each has its advantages, the enterprise website to master the differences between the two, for keyword mining, advertising management, excellent station optimization techniques and so on will influence website exposure brings is the target customers or is the effective views of potential customers. General website promotion proposal to do Baidu and GOOGLE promotion.

      two. Marketing interaction: stand to make sure that the site is to allow customers to accept and generate value, so the site must do a good job of promotion, content, and good service. Your site must have your own unique things, what the user can remember your site, why the user on your site? Site management team has built a website, also do a good job in the promotion, has done a good job, also won the customer recognition, then you should consider the development of customer problems through the website promotion on the door, does not necessarily produce purchase behavior in the construction site is considered the beginning of website marketing route planning can be conveniently accessible, obviously attractive consumer guide, allow consumers to enter the website can not trade transactions, consumers are willing to leave their personal information, information consumers remember not to leave return is the website marketing planning need the direction of thinking. For example, you can consider the site to add a single copy of the king of such network marketing software, can also be used as a single network marketing tools, online customer service tools, web site management tools. Any visitors just click, you can negotiate with the enterprise, in order to achieve convenient communication between users and enterprises! The king also has a single interactive marketing, database marketing, online customer orders, customer service, customer management, site management, free telephone, SMS and other functions of the 38 network interconnection company, only needs to add a piece of code in your web pages, you can easily use free.

      three. Marketing strategy: marketing strategy set will affect the application and marketing line website exposure planning, such as an enterprise to enter the Internet in the end is to be BtoC or BtoB, the selection of key words is somewhat different, the focus of project site line is different, a lot of enterprise website always want to eat two fish, but often eat two of all make it difficult to swallow, is often the main enterprise itself has a misunderstanding of network marketing, the improper marketing strategy, will shock the total has been stressed that business owners or executives must take the time to learn and understand the Internet, so set out marketing strategy, effective and correct execution in the substantial benefit to improve the site will be able to see the obvious effect of

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