Energy saving development planning my website

sea villa development has gone through two years of history, although in this period has experienced many hardships, but still adhere to today, but the situation is not optimistic. So it is necessary for us to make a detailed plan for the future development of the sea, to sea network construction as a classic legend and work.

first, Wang Hai to highlight a theme "arena".

1 Qin, chess, book, painting.

called piano, that is music. And now the music website so much, in order to develop must have their own characteristics, so we collect the music will be surrounded by a "River" as the theme. YISHION music song mainly included very touching plaintive tune, melody, listen to other people by infection, naturally resident Wang hai.

called chess, that is entertainment. The forum as a community is an integral part of the station, we are no exception. But do not stand in the pan in the title, to highlight their own characteristics, the forum community on the layout of the page need to do further planning.

called the book, that is novel. Now more people on the Internet, the big woods what the birds have. The Internet is also a lot of people to read novels, and now the phone also supports e-books, so we want to do an e-book download station. From the point of view of the search volume, the prospect is considerable. Although there are a lot of novels, the competition is fierce, but it is better than nothing.

called painting, that is, pictures. After two years to do stand experience, found that the picture stand is also a good choice. The figure stood from the Baidu image search, pull flow, the best by game player free upload, but the technology is not enough, can not write this program, so the figure stood later on.

2 swords, wine, sentiment, poetry.

called the sword, that is the game. When users love the game, we will also launch a game. Of course, we do not have the ability to develop the game. But we have a ready-made and very classic game resources "meteor butterfly sword". The sea can stick to now is because after several revision has become a star as the theme of the site. Both love and playful meteor martial arts arena, if become a gathering place for star game player at Renqibuwang, why.

so-called wine, love, poetry, can be integrated into a class, that is, literature. The ancient poet Li Bai poem thousands of drunken, therefore poetry is also an indispensable part of. With the wine drinking, to love moving, taking poetry as fine. >

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