Network marketing Wikipedia marketing into a bright spot

at present, in the general employment environment is not ideal, the network marketing has become the first choice for many college students. But the network marketing is not a short duration of time things, but need a whole concept, I will combine their own simple talk about my understanding of network marketing.

basically network marketing can be divided into the following categories:

Wiki: wikpedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia.

blog: Sina, Sohu, you can also build their own personal blog site.

Forum:, Tianya, China station, laggards, etc..

search engine Baidu answers: "know", Sina’s "love", they "come"

wiki marketing:

wiki marketing is also the establishment of enterprise brand and visibility. However, for network marketing, Wiki marketing is still relatively new piece. We mainly talk about Interactive Encyclopedia:

as a new thing in Chinese has just started to develop, a lot of people Dovichi is not particularly understand, after all, is a collaborative wiki creation platform, each user login it can modify the contents of the above, so it is the biggest characteristic of openness. Now the biggest domestic Wikipedia to do is to interact with Wikipedia and Baidu encyclopedia.

but if we really want to do it, need to invest some human, mainly in the content must be professional, because only do this can really stick to your users, through a certain guide, will be the site of the mode from "website creation" into a "user created", in this case, the website it will create a full of vigour of the community. Of course, the operation is also very important, to let your users when creating content for you, and let them get a sense of achievement, can engage in online activities what, for example: integral system, reach a certain points you can exchange for "ticket", "amusement park tickets"

et al.

blog marketing:

use blog to spread the company’s brand and image, content to try to move closer to your brand, do not write irrelevant content, so as not to affect the user experience. Secondly, the contents should reflect the interactive, so how can it be interactive? The key is what you write is the best original, interesting facts, strong, such as "happy net by hundreds of enterprises to work against large game player selling away", this kind of information, the fact is strong, attention to user high.

forum marketing:

if what the most conducive to the word-of-mouth marketing, the forum is not. A good forum will be a lot of users every day to stay in the above, such as the "Tianya", "bubble", "China Station" and so on. Therefore, the forum is a very large marketing platform. If your article is good

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