When using e mail marketing promotion need to pay attention to what problems

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website construction, marketing, is an essential work of Web site operators. In many ways of marketing, e-mail marketing is one of the oldest. In the era of prevailing e-mail, e-mail marketing has made brilliant achievements, until in the era of modern Internet marketing, e-mail marketing is still playing a pivotal role.

speaking do email marketing, so the first thing to consider, of course, is how to obtain mailbox resources, the second is to send what kind of mail content will not enter the junk mail, finally choose the Outbox what can spend the best time sending large amounts of mail. The following software marketing experts to give you a simple introduction.

A: how to choose a practical email address

if your email is sent to a mailbox that doesn’t work, or be treated as spam, then everything you do will be useless. And if you send a useful mailbox, then it will give you a good role in promoting the promotion.

that’s the case, then the first thing to learn is how to collect email addresses:

1: pay attention to the registered address of the user’s e-mail address, this is absolutely indispensable quality resources;

2: to some types of library website, to collect users to provide email address, for example, now there are many Baidu library users to provide email data;

3: to the same kind of Web site using certain software to collect e-mail address, for example, some of the site’s registered members must be verified by e-mail, this kind of mail is very real;

4: you can add some relevant industry groups, where you can also collect e-mail.

two: how to send e-mail will not be considered spam

1: according to the frequency of each mailbox to send, each mailbox can send up to 50 messages a day, no matter how much will appear to be considered spam.

3: mail title and content to avoid the use of a large number of advertising words, because each web mail has a set of keyword advertising system, if your message contains the advertising words, even if it is sent, will also enter the spam box of others.

2: send mail recommended QQ mail and Sina mail, the two post is not easy to be shielded in a large number of sending the same message, but also have to control, the same mailbox do every day 50, more easy to be titles.

4: when sending the frequent replacement of IP is a very important thing, because the mail operators will monitor your IP number, send mail, checked out into the junk mail.

three: choose what mailbox server to send mail

now offers a lot of free email services, such as Sina, NetEase

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