How to combine traditional C2C platform to do network marketing

with the development of the Internet, more and more traditional companies are actively looking for opportunities to embrace the Internet, but suffer from can not find a suitable starting point. In the process of city and many business owners to chat also deeply appreciate your business owners in distress, city leadership arrangement, ready to write a series of articles, let the enterprise know how to combine the platform to do network marketing, help enterprises to quickly and accurately find the entry point as soon as possible to enter the Internet! Today first started from the simple enterprise how to do network marketing platform with C2C


C2C the original definition is person to person, but with the continuous development of the C2C platform is already not individual entrepreneurs paradise, has become the enterprise distribution platform, so the enterprise should grasp the opportunity to quickly capture the platform with strong capital and adequate supply.

, a specific form of operation

1 self shop:

companies should first choose to shop C2C platform, analysis of the goal of the C2C platform, the flow of people, influence, the average price of similar products, the threshold of entry and other elements. Then analysis of the enterprise to operate products in the target C2C platform about how many competitors, the advantage is obvious, which have their own advantages, thus planning enterprises in the online sales of the product categories and price.

determine the settled platform, set up by the customer service, art, planning and other professionals composed of professional shop management team, and then registered shop decoration, sales of their own products, cooperative products, agents. In the sales process, the ability to use C2C platform to form the flow of people into the store sales, marketing teams need to work hard, the ability to test the marketing team. After obtaining the results in C2C, you can expand the distribution channels through brand radiation.

2 generation operating shop

traditional enterprises should set up a professional C2C marketing team, the difficulty is very large, especially the two or three line of the city e-commerce talent shortage, and enterprises do not have this budget to raise it just don’t know what time the team can profit. At this point, a lot of small sellers in C2C after the failure of the shop, are re employed. There are some perennial online part-time job for the C2C shop students, freelancers, are on the C2C platform sales, service, maintenance, decoration, logistics is very clear. They gradually formed a professional generation of operating companies or teams, through different services for enterprises to provide online generation of operational services.

enterprises only need to prepare the product, do a good job of design, development, production, packaging, logistics, etc., on behalf of the operating team will be responsible for all the work of the C2C platform. Some influential and unique resources in the C2C platform of the operations team, even in the judgment of the product has a strong market potential, can not charge a service fee to cooperate only charge sales into a way with the enterprise. This provides a good service and opportunity for C2C distribution.

two, pay attention to

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