Entrepreneurs in addition to doing a good job you may also need to focus on these four issues


will be launched by red to red dot ventures, community organizations to start on the road buddies provide additional explanation and dry cargo sharing. Last week the red point in Beijing held second public activities, invited 360 former HRD Wang Wenping, founder of ITerGet, Zhang Zhengquan, Gao Rui law firm partner Liu Zhen and other industry experts, in the form of group discussion answers entrepreneurs met in the recruitment of personnel, legal, finance and other aspects of the actual confusion and the presence of the problem, the participants said that the abundant harvest.

36 the krypton featured four problems are common in the day to discuss and answer for everyone reference. Red point will be held every quarter, if you are out of the sea, Internet banking, video live, big data and artificial intelligence field entrepreneurs, welcome to click on the following link to participate.


Q: to dig a field of talent as the company’s core staff, but do not understand this business, how to do?

ITerGet founder Zhang Zhengquan: first ask a similar background of the people, to determine what you are looking for these people may appear in which companies or direction. After this judgment, it is crazy to find people inside this chat, while chatting in the process there are a few points need to pay attention to:

1, do not start to attract TA to join, but you have to face the difficulties and problems are thrown to TA, let TA to solve, you listen to the program.

2, every time you talk to let TA help recommend a person, thereby expanding the face of your target candidate. Say: "you this can be a good solution, there is no understanding of who can help me solve?"

3, a background check points, one is don’t ask losers in this field in the field of view, because he has no right to speak; the two is not to ask candidates and prematurely worked, the result is often more partial.


Q: is looking for one or more partners who seem to be partners at the start of the year, this time for TA options or equity?

Gao Rui law firm partner Liu Zhen: many entrepreneurs ask us to give their partners should be issued equity or options. Here is the definition of "partners" will be very different, some are very well, from a company out of working hard together; some are consultants or investors recommend; some important executives come from external recruitment.

we usually advise entrepreneurs, first class partner (usually no more than one to two people) can be sent to each other and equity, but no new executives know so much, there must be run in period, try to give the option. We have seen many cases: join the "partner" unable to successfully integrate into the team or to achieve the desired part, within a year, the original founder of table sincerity given in this kind of equity.

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