SEO grassroots webmaster teach you how to use the network to promote small and medium enterprises

is not afraid of deep alley, it is past. No good marketing, good products are also difficult to find the market. In other words, completely, the product will Shi Yuzhu "melatonin" talent shows itself, is the best example, can win on his word in the tens of thousands of health care products.

of course, the big TV media is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to vote, can only be added. 06 years before the small and medium-sized enterprise selection are the print media, such as newspapers, magazines, leaflets and so on, with the gradual development of the Internet era, the media influence gradually decreased, more and more enterprises choose to establish a website, through the network propaganda.

then the enterprise general choice is Ali, HC like business website with Baidu, Google and other search sites. With the rise of search sites and e-commerce websites. Network promotion is also more and more ways. Here are a few ways to introduce.

a search engine class

search engine, including direct bidding and search engine optimization, general boiled fish SEO proposed enterprise station SEO and competitive coexistence. Because of the high cost of bidding, but for the enterprise can quickly get direct customers; SEO competition, the longer it takes, but the cost of SEO is very low, only 1/10 of the price of the auction. Currently provide bidding search engines: Baidu, Google, Sogou, soso and Youdao NetEase.

two, business website

This part mainly includes

B2B and B2C B2B, representatives of Alibaba and HC; Taobao, Dangdang and other B2C. Here is just a beginning, for enterprises of different industries, can seek more targeted business input to the network.

three, blog micro-blog marketing

Do not underestimate this in

, Sina micro-blog, a micro-blog account has hundreds of thousands of fans in the market sold at least 5 to 60 thousand yuan, while forwarding PR company in such ads on micro-blog, the cost is 300 to 500 yuan each.

NetEase news reports: reporters call Chinese network in a specialized in selling micro-blog "fans" number of company. The company staff, they sell "fans" unlike "zombie fans", these "fans" is a head, Bowen, address and occupation information, will automatically update the post, is almost the same with the real "fans", the price is 30 yuan, 1000 "fans" 2000 "fans" 50 10000 yuan, "fans" is 150 yuan, through online banking payment service fee.

more information can be seen micro-blog market potential is very large, companies can operate their own micro-blog, you can also pay to successfully advertise.

four, video website advertising

According to a

survey, more than 2.8 people in China watched videos on the Internet in 2010, by the year of 2015

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