The use of QQ space to do a good marketing resources

QQ as China’s largest chat tool, QQ space also attracted a large number of users, then as marketers we have to seize this piece of cake, someone’s place, there are marketing. How to make the QQ space into a suitable marketing tool? Here are the author to give you a step-by-step solution:

the first step to modify the spatial data.


QQ space in the upper right corner of the settings, modify the information, modify the selected on the left of spatial data, spatial name is the name of the enterprise or related keywords, in the space that fill in the URL and contact, then save the set up, the first step in setting space information has been completed.

second step, home page layout.

In the figure

click on the home page layout, in the choice of typesetting bar selection module in Collage; freedom of choice to adjust the layout of the layout page; the abolition of all in the column to add or delete the module base module, and then click the custom module, select new module.


new larger module, module title can not choose, choose a good picture picture address, address, select the picture link address and click OK, and then adjust the orientation and size can be adjusted in the lower right corner of the module size range of drag, move around on the line.


a larger module set up, start the third step, continue to add graphics module, module title not fill, fill in the picture on the left side of the address, the right to link the address, and the related text, such as company profiles. In general, the best to add a few more graphic items, the same picture and related links, text. It should be noted that, in the last one of the best choice of graphics and text on the relevant contact information, address, etc., as well as corporate qualifications.

after the completion of several steps, click save, preview their own home page to see if it is the effect they want, if not, then adjust the location of the relevant module.


a marketing page out, there are pictures, contacts, and related web sites, etc.. The next thing to do is to promote their own QQ space, which is similar to the website promotion. However, QQ space is free, and is a permanent nature, if it is an enterprise, you can also apply for space certification, so in terms of credibility has greatly improved.

relative to the now more hot SEO and SEM, their costs are too high, and need more personnel to operate, but after the use of the QQ space, we don’t need so much manpower and material resources to marketing, a good QQ space can bring popularity is very great. If the master’s words, the sentiment is bigger.

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