Chinese good media for their own grass root please turn

if you ask me what to do and the future of recent fire is also good, I think the media should be fully deserve, use an advertisement, you missed the 2012 micro-blog, WeChat, 2014 2013 you miss are you going to miss from the media? Look at the development trend of the media since the last two years, look from the media Baidu index data:

data can be seen from the chart, in mid 2013 since the media began to enter people’s vision, in 2014, the gradual rise, I believe the future will continue to increase the degree of concern.

since we don’t want to miss it, as the grass root how to counterattack


from the media platform:

1, micro-blog platform

2, WeChat platform

3, QQ space

4, personal website

5, other ways

to do the analysis of the plight of the media

No matter what kind of

we are using the platform and the way to do from the media, it takes time and energy is great, a lot of people are interested in, but in the end insisted is scanty, why would result in such a situation?

1, time cost

as a grass root we work almost become our daily life, want to be a good employee, you need to put all the energy into work, so we still have time to play from the media since the media do? The success, or industry heavyweights, either successful entrepreneurs either is not temporary, in order to worry about the livelihood of people. Office workers put a lot of time into the work, rely on the rest of the time to play from the media daughter-in-law and children will not be happy, your life is work – work – work?

2, knowledge output

maybe you in a certain industry has very rich knowledge, then you are going to do from the media, such as SEO industry, you choose the way to write the diary, some SEO related knowledge every day, write too much water, nobody cares. But to write a high quality article, not to mention the time it takes, the output of the day allows you to adhere to 1 weeks, a month, but insist on a year, I am afraid you will not be able to. Therefore, in the choice of the output of knowledge, but also to consider what kind of output, adhere to the victory, I really understand the meaning of this sentence.

3, attention come from where

if you are industry heavyweights, you may be discussed by a group of people, but as the grass root in micro-blog word, we can see are scanty, don’t talk about is discussed. So, since the media do not base on eager, using appropriate methods to promote their own articles, constantly exposed his popularity, gradually become the industry leader. "

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