How to develop website promotion program

if you want to do what kind of Web site, what kind of content. So how to do the next website promotion program? I’ll give you about the website promotion of the implementation steps, specific methods and details. First of all, you must understand the site and site users. The main purpose of doing online promotion is to bring effective users and traffic. To attract users, so first of all to analyze the user psychology and user habits, standing in the user’s point of view of how to do their own site to allow users to stay; how to do to allow users to long-term.

1, analysis site positioning

The orientation of

website is a direction of website promotion. After the site is located, you can know what kind of website is established.

2, analysis of user needs

users need to simply say that the user can get any benefit from you.

3, user aggregation analysis


website for users accustomed to other activities which website; what are they going to the purpose; they go to the website to solve what kind of problem; whether the site is your site’s potential competitors. Another important thing is to find a site to promote a more appropriate place to do some of the corresponding soft text or the promotion of this forum.

4, how to attract users to allow them to generate interest in the site

to promote and develop their own strengths and core competitiveness of the site, these advantages as a site to attract users to promote the focus.

5, analysis of existing web site data

website promotion, data analysis is very important. How to promote the use of the website promotion; what are the statistical analysis method; data are required for site analysis included; search engine; analysis of recent popular content; promotion personnel arrangement division; for example: search engine to less weight is not enough or the amount collected is not enough; what are some keywords recently the fastest rising concern ( search rankings); Department of personnel division; existing website promotion problems etc..

6, analysis of various aspects of the site

web site can be improved as well as the promotion of which is worth noting that the site from the technology to optimize the content for the flow is also a certain help. For example: whether the page is static, the title is more in line with the practical search engine users habits, whether the label is correct, the key link is added.

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