Brand advertisers series nternet advertising marketing monitoring and analysis

[introduction] brand advertisers, is a kind of superior strength of enterprises, in their marketing strategies, direct brand marketing (branding) is a very important content, and the emergence of the Internet, the introduction of a new theory and practice, into the living force for this kind of marketing. This series of articles, in recent years, I am in the brand internet marketing effect monitoring and analysis of the summary. This article is the first of the series, that is, the monitoring and analysis of Internet advertising marketing.

[text] although any enterprise is to achieve the purpose of sale, but with more and more enterprises, the brand ability is more and more strong, the brand itself (rather than the product itself) marketing could be independent, become an important part of enterprise marketing. On the other hand, the inherent Internet communication performance, for the promotion and dissemination of corporate brands to create an unparalleled environment. So, soon, many large companies set up around branding digital marketing (Digital Marketing) sector. The use of a variety of Internet marketing in this department, only for one purpose – to brand development into consumers and users, through the establishment of brand awareness (awareness) and preference (preferences) and loyalty (loyalty), to promote the brand behind the sale of goods.

this is a full of innovation, passion, stress and anxiety of the Department, the use and management of the various Internet marketing methods to promote the brand is the Department daily to do homework, most of the use of these marketing methods, but also the most expensive, of course, is the Internet advertising.

brand advertisers Internet advertising

brand advertisers used all kinds of Internet advertising, a superb collection of beautiful things, almost all forms of advertising in the world today. For example,

general display advertising (banner):


text chain (Text link):


Omnicom Media Group and even the text link ads on the search engine home page ("tomorrow is who") create a great sensation.


RichMedia Banner (advertising), which allows visitors to interact with the advertising content of advertising (such as the Citibank ads, put the mouse in different positions have different text)


RoadBlock (or a roadblock in advertising, advertising, a website filled a page all or most of the advertising.

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