The promotion of personal website Sogou search

personal blog can advertise? When most bloggers hesitate to answer this question, a personal blog called "Zhu’s life and marketing blog" has earned a lot of attention and hits. The Sogou search engine found in put "blog" keyword promotion of the advertisers, this blog already occupies significant position in the search results page is quite eye-catching.

I learned that the interview, Mr. Zhu early this year to build this blog, just on the line when the traffic is always maintained at the level of more than 1 thousand people. But since March began to do promotion in Sogou after just a few months, visited his personal blog grew to nearly 50 thousand people, compared to many blogs in the ocean lost in the little-known grassroots blog, its performance is quite good.

it is understood that, like Mr. Zhu as personal blog dedicated search engine advertising almost No.

blog marketing, blog money scene has become the hearts of many people think. Like the sports star Liu Xiang last month birthday in the Sohu blog, only half a day to more than one million people visited. These hot personal blog has become a new brokerage company advocacy positions, the blog is from entertainment to business transformation.

star can, of course also modeled on grassroots. Blog has now become a kind of marketing information platform similar to the third party, and in many aspects, such as the release of the cost has a higher index. There is no doubt that blog marketing for enterprises is promising. And how can let more people see their own marketing blog? At this point, Mr. Zhu’s search engine promotion methods seem to have provided us with an idea. (commissioning editor admin01)

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