How do website promotion is the most effective

website promotion is a key word in each of the network’s fierce competition, open the major search engines, do website promotion "the keyword bidding unusually hot, afternoon six points when Baidu first page or auction website. What is the purpose of the website promotion? And can bring us what? How do website promotion is the most effective


is known to promote the purpose of the site is nothing more than two: first, improve the exposure rate and enhance visibility; the two is to increase profits. The first is easy to understand, second people may have questions: if the information website and public website? This website is not profitable sometimes what they increase? My explanation is: no matter what the site, what things, promotion or optimization or they want to raise awareness or to improve the sales of goods or increase the amount of registered users or the purpose after all or for profit, whether you win the profit is well-known, the intangible value of honor, or through sales bring tangible value, these are "benefit". So we can sum up the above two points: any form of website promotion purpose is to profit.

now we have a clear purpose, it is necessary to achieve this goal and try our best, then we have to look at the current website promotion methods are. The answer to this question in many sites have a large number of articles, in general can be divided into three aspects, one is through other website promotion, such as bidding advertising, website advertising, website alliance, Links; two is through its own website promotion, the use of the most is SEO; three is through the tool the promotion, such as a variety of mass mailing tools, Blog Tools and so on, and even brush website ranking tools, malicious popups code cheating tool extension. These methods have advantages and disadvantages, China panorama ( think: website to choose what kind of promotion is not because this way itself is very good, but need to determine which way to promote website according to their own needs.

different website profit point is different, different location, different users, only their own "attribute" analysis is correct to choose a more effective way of promotion, to illustrate the problem with an example here. One of our customers before their company is a mining machinery, the company began to site in 04 years, 05 years to increase investment, to 07 years the average annual investment in the site of nearly 100 thousand yuan, the amount of investment is a very small part in their company, can be ignored, but a year of investment 10 to do network marketing companies in China have not formed the scale of 05 to 07 years, about 200000 of the investment failed to bring much of the sales, investment return rate of around 10%, the company in this period also tried a variety of ways to promote Baidu: Google bidding, portal advertising, mass mailing, everywhere the link and so on, but the effect is not obvious. We understand the situation after giving them a: Web site comprehensive analysis of diagnostic reports, suggest that they do network marketing outsourcing, public

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