There are shortcuts to making money on the Web see if you can answer these four questions

to do the site in the end can not make money? A lot of their own hearts are not at the end of the webmaster. Do not like, simply work hard like a donkey, a lot of time to lift up your head, ask yourself the following four questions, you can answer


1, ask yourself if you know the needs of your site?

What is your site

in groups? Entertainment users, stimulate the pursuit of college students, white-collar workers and investors? Their common features and common interest is what? This user group how much the market, whether the sustainable development? Your website content is not users need now is not content? Gradually guide users to accept the contents of the


only determine their own needs of the site, can be an antidote against the disease even if your own web site, is to do what people do not know, what about the money? Only to determine the site needs to make web content of real value, so as to bring value to the site.

2, ask yourself whether it is clear that the status of the industry, competition, development?

What is your site

competitive advantage in the industry? What are the success factors of the industry leader in the industry? What is the development direction of your website? Can you name your website features, and other industries in the same site comparison? Are you going to make what kind of content, to continue to function to meet the needs of users of your site


no one industry is not competitive, non competitive industry is certainly not profitable, so do the site at the same time we must understand the status of the industry, called

, to fight!

3, ask yourself whether there is a clear development plan, ideas?

your site after a long-term development, what is to transfer the website concept? What is the development plan of three years, five years, ten years? What is nearly a month, a week, a day of execution plan? To achieve what kind of effect? What would be used for short-term and long-term promotion the way to


a hour, a successful web site must be effective long-term planning and ideas, after the implementation of the planning process is continuous and the idea and improvement process. This includes the idea of your site planning, promotion planning ideas, etc..

4, ask yourself whether there is a clear profit model

?How much is your site

in each stage of development within the budget will be? Your site is expected to bring the first income soon for you? Your website is how to plan for investment in technology and the promotion of investment proportion of funds? The full realization of site planning and the idea of you, how long does it take and how much after the money? If you can articulate to a certain stage, make money by what kind of profit model of


will make the site will always have their own successful profit model, the site is also in order to make money, good.

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