This year the growth rate of electricity supplier recruitment near the end of the high end talent d


dig the foot of high-end talent prevalent employee wages will rise 20%

electricity supplier bubble burst caused by the heat of the industry recruitment cold, job requirements tend to dig feet. Daily economic news reporter recently learned that in February this year, the growth rate of electricity supplier recruitment was 2.29%, almost stagnant, and the figure in last year was $18.6%. It is understood that the electricity supplier giant Alibaba (micro-blog) group this year, the total number of only 200 people. Analysts pointed out that this year, the demand for electricity supplier business recruitment tends to high-end, it is more inclined to dig the feet of experienced personnel, rather than spend energy to develop new.

electricity supplier recruitment growth fell 16%

hundred Bo network data show that in March this year, the number of job vacancies in the electricity supplier industry was 28876, compared with only a slight increase last year. According to the recruitment of Senior occupation adviser Hao Jian said, "take the electronic commerce position SEO (Network Marketing) as an example, in February last year, a total of 2400 posts in the bidding, March 3900 to the end of last year, the number of recruitment has 11 thousand, and in February this year, an increase of only 2.29%".

this one hundred primary network vice president Deng Wei added: "2010 VANCL (micro-blog) has more than 50 of the number of recruits per month last year, crazy expansion of recruiting large group purchase of sales, operations, customer demand. However, with the second half of last year, the beginning of the electricity supplier bubble burst, the major electricity supplier companies layoffs and staffing compression. This has become an important reason for the entire electricity supplier recruitment slowdown."

it is worth noting that even Alibaba group this year, the overall staff recruitment program is only 200 people. Jingdong mall said that this year will hire 2000 people to complete the annual plan of 25 thousand people. However, informed sources told reporters, these 2000 places a large part of the logistics and customer service, such as junior staff, such positions turnover rate itself is very large, this recruitment is not surprising".

dig foot is more effective than recruitment

reporter from an electricity supplier business people in the middle of Mr. Du (a pseudonym) learned that the electricity supplier business recruitment is now more inclined to dig feet, headhunters. Mr. Du said: "I have received several phone search and other commercial enterprises to give me a high salary in several times, that is the value of my experience, are willing to spend more money to hire people to work immediately, has no experience and time in developing new".

of course, the electricity supplier can not only dig the feet to supplement the high-end talent, corporate recruitment needs have turned from the low-end to high-end. Zhaopin data show that this year the engineer year-on-year growth of 127%, is a kind of job positions in the fastest growing electricity supplier. According to Hao Jian revealed that the current network engineer position has reached 36 candidates for a job.

this, Deng Wei predicted that this year in the field of electricity providers, e-commerce platform development engineer, Internet product manager positions will be

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