The line of the store price or become a warehouse experience

recently, Suning announced that from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with, this is the first large retailers to fully implement the line under the same price". This news is like a gunshot in the Jingdong, Yi Xun, Dangdang, Suning will stand outside new retail model about Suning started.

Suning is the traditional enterprise leader in electronic commerce, vice chairman Su ningyun in Sun Weimin’s eyes, sacrifice some profit, pushing the line under the same price, Suning must step. In the new Internet mode, the previous price system already can not adapt to the development trend of the industry, this step is the first step, this gun first started, profit at the expense of creating new market rules or is the fundamental goal of suning.

with the rapid development of mobile terminal, more and more consumer spending habits have quietly changed the shop and the store did not become final opponent, instead of a consumer price, go to the store to buy something, will take out a mobile phone Internet price, to buy things on the Internet will be the first to see something and then determine whether to go to the store experience order. Electricity supplier channels online and offline competition is gradually moving towards integration from opposition. The author from the electronic commerce 366EC to understand, is to solve the problem of the price of online and offline business the biggest problem of traditional enterprises, according to the advantage of the different channels, making corresponding strategy, make the line from confrontation to be solved under the current situation of the development of the electricity supplier integration problems. As for how to do, in order to ensure that the advantages of online and offline to get the most out, you need to explore the industry colleagues and efforts.

in this way, Suning not in February this year, Suning group work arrangements spring meeting, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong first proposed, stores + + retail service providers, do online and offline retail service providers, is a new mode of retail China Suning to advocate. And recently announced the online online price is a measure of the mode of the landing.


, what is the price of online and offline consequences? Entity store flow in a continuous line, online orders plummeted? The store is sparsely populated, online orders jumped? Entity store traffic, online order quantity is large, flat double double function? Subversion, become the store experience of selected goods warehouse, online trading? Any conjecture is conjecture, only after the final time of baptism to verify the line of the price of the store and online.

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