Foreign trade enterprises increasingly thin profit by the e commerce platform transition switch

in late October, the company began to use 6.5 quotes, and suddenly found that, according to the price reported a few days ago, profits are fast ‘l’ did not, and I do not know to support a few days in 6.5." One of the city’s foreign trade industry reluctantly said. China foreign exchange trading center on November 16th announced that the U.S. dollar against the central parity of RMB 6.6441.

The continued appreciation of the RMB

since the second half of this year, labor costs and raw material costs continue to rise, investors have become more cautious, in order to avoid the appreciation of the RMB profits were swallowed, or perhaps a better career transition, low carbon and energy consumption industry preferred.

profit thinning

"in early August cotton price is still 20 thousand yuan / ton wandering around, after a lapse of 3 months, cotton prices have exceeded 30 thousand yuan / ton, since the second half of this year the price of cotton and other raw materials have been rising in order to be greatly compressed profit." A Shishi clothing export enterprises responsible person Zhang Qing frowned and shook his head and said, this year he is engaged in apparel exports in 7 years the most difficult year, roughly orders are now only 4 points around the margins, if further appreciation of RMB 4 to 5, he had to switch.

originally purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars a year Christmas gift of the U.S. chain retailer TARGET, this year, a single." A resin industry sources, Quanzhou resin products are mainly exported to the United States market, due to the local economy is not completely out of the financial crisis in the shadow, resin crafts and does not belong to the necessities of life, so this year the overall decline in demand. Autumn Fair, many exhibitors, crafts I feel the chill, although the fair hair name card, photos of the purchaser a lot, but I asked the price, are said to think again.

in fact, as early as two years ago, Zhang Qing heart produced the brand, foreign to domestic sales ideas, for which he also registered the trademark, but in the process of the market, he found that like him small and medium-sized clothing enterprises, generally difficult to adapt to the domestic market in a short period of time.

for export enterprises, the product can not be transferred to domestic sales in a short period of time". Huafu trading company responsible person believes that the switch for a runway like starting again. For small and medium-sized export enterprises, with a strange and long runway starting rivals, as well as the rules to hold their own territory, "the choice of transformation in the industry, low cost, low risk".

"is not familiar with the domestic channels, can not stand the long period of arrival, but also to do the domestic market, cash flow is not good." LED products have been doing export Chen Guangyan admitted that many of his boss around the idea of turning the domestic market, although many years of exports, has been accustomed to receiving orders, processing, collection is relatively simple foreign trade export model. "But now the renminbi has been strong, profits slashed." Rapid changes in export environment, so many enterprises like him when the family had to consider the transition or change, because to do so would.

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