Jibian stars evolution of Shanghai franchisee Zhanjin formation of logistics


jibian stars collapse, the Shanghai more than and 10 franchisees have started to set up a new company — Shanghai Zhanjin Logistics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "exhibition of gold logistics).

July 9th, said Zhanjin Logistics Core executives interview with this reporter, the development of logistics in July 8th officially opened, the company will invest 5 million to build Shanghai regional network platform, focusing on COD professional logistics and distribution business payment collection services for electronic commerce, B2C B2B.

"the new company will draw lessons from the failure of jibian stars." The executives said, the new company, is to completely joint-stock mode, the major shareholder of the original jibian stars Shanghai district to join, "this is not the best control mode, but the most convenient and most convenient way to start".

franchisee self-help

in March 5th this year, closed down between jibian stars night, has been saddled with debts of 26 million "". In April this year, jibian stars chairman Chen Ping said in an interview with this reporter, in May 15th will settle all debts.

Chen Ping an interview with this reporter also said that in the family, no matter brother ZJS President Chen Xianbao, chairman of Taikang brother Chen Dongsheng, or himself, have inherited the family a kind of precious and mysterious spirit, this spirit can lead him from failure to success, "I’ll focus on the field of logistics courier third, the business, I may spend more time".

however, time in the past three months, jibian stars debt has not been repaid, and in July 9th, Chen Ping still said, is not convenient to disclose any of the contents.

Chen Pingqian franchisee and other debt has not been settled." The development of logistics executives said he was jibian stars Shanghai District franchisee, jibian stars after the collapse is still owed him 200 thousand. Although jibian stars set up a debt accounting inventory team, but the Shanghai 18 area franchisee accounts are not settled.

executives said above, in March this year, although jibian stars collapse, but because of the franchisee of Shanghai express business is quite good, actually did not stop business. Then, in response to the Shanghai to join the requirements of the more than and 10 original jibian stars joined together, was established in April this year the development of logistics, "for the company registered capital of 500 thousand, intends to continue to invest 5 million, mainly used in more than and 10 to join the public part of the network construction".

executives in the above view, these more than and 10 franchisees, each franchisee is a small company, respectively, have their own staff, fleet, business, etc.. The newly established company, the main business is to do the common business B2C business, to abandon the complex C2C business, take the professional route.

before the company was founded, we have repeatedly communicated with Chen Ping through the ditch, got his support." These executives said, do express things >

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