Jingdong intelligent digital signing SKYWORTH a joint venture with the manufacturers to prepare for

November is approaching, manufacturers and electricity providers have begun to create a hitherto unknown eager for a fight, promotions in the "double eleven Shopping Festival for consumers. In the fierce market competition and cruel environment, manufacturers and electricity suppliers only in order to win in the double eleven war.

in October 21st, Jingdong intelligent digital and SKYWORTH, one hundred million color two well-known brands in the headquarters of the Jingdong group completed the 2016 double strategic cooperation letter of intent signing ceremony of the eleven. After Lenovo, Haman, Walker, CASIO and other well-known brands business after signing the contract, the Jingdong intelligent digital add partners and manufacturers will force against double eleven.


Jingdong and SKYWORTH signed an underwriting agreement, and promised to double eleven for users sharing

double eleven period, as a new starting platform, SKYWORTH billion color two big brands of the Jingdong, will be the first time to launch all new brands, in addition, the Jingdong will be a full range of intelligent digital brands to provide product planning, marketing, warehousing, logistics solutions. In order to repay the majority of consumers, the Jingdong intelligent digital vendors work together to jointly make huge profits for the consumer, in the double eleven big promotion during the launch of the millions of intelligent digital 1 yuan purchase activities, also launched fashion accessories over 99 minus 50, full 199 minus 100 coupons and other activities at the same time God berserk, more in November 3rd 0 yuan to buy the flat plate computer welfare. Many preferential magic eye.


Jingdong and color together to fight against double eleven

and SKYWORTH, the Jingdong of intelligent digital color billion two big brands signing, once again sitting in the combination of importance. The influence of the field of electronic commerce China Jingdong as a strong e-commerce platform, through the platform to play the comprehensive advantages, together with the brand and enhance the integration platform, optimization, resource, service all aspects of logistics tracking, double more than and 11 shopping to meet consumer demand, promote the development of manufacturers at the same time, enhance the brand effect, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

it is understood that for the full preparations for the double eleven Jingdong, intelligent digital will also work with more companies signed cooperation, and will introduce more high-quality products and services in eleven during the double, to help consumers achieve rational consumption.

about Jingdong (JD.com):

Jingdong (JD.com) is China’s leading self operated electricity supplier companies and China’s largest Internet companies income. Jingdong to provide consumers with a pleasant online shopping experience. Through rich content, user-friendly website (www.jd.com) and mobile client, Jingdong at competitive prices, providing a rich category of goods and services and excellent quality, and fast and reliable way to reach consumers. Jingdong believes it has the country’s largest electricity supplier industry logistics facilities. As of June 30, 2016, Jingdong in the country has 7 logistics centers, the operation of the 234 large warehouse

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