Eighteen profit models

In the course of the development of network media, with the practice of their own operations, the exploration of profit model has not stopped. The key to the investment and management of the media industry is to find the right profit model. Compared to other web sites, it should have a greater advantage, others do not have the advantage of the media network, other sites can do, the media network can also do. Many media investment management failure, because they did not find or do not know what is the profit model. In the Warring States period in the network, the media network must have a keen business vision, who seize the initiative, who ran ahead. Lessons learned, keep a close eye on market dynamics, adjust the profit model, to ensure that the network media operations in a safe orbit. China’s online media, especially those who already have a considerable scale and strength and has been the company’s operation of the site, but also continue to innovate. Below, we on the network media profit model segmentation.

The information content of

a common charge

comprehensive current foreign network media information content revenue model, there are the following three: 1, news and information content package sold to other websites or media; 2, the user can browse the website of the paying party; 3, users pay for database query.

Success is not

Network for information is defined according to the special needs of the government and enterprises, the network media as a professional customized electronic reader is very strong, practicality and effectiveness of certain orders through the network media to network pass (password) scheduled for reading. For example, respectively, for the financial system, real estate systems and automotive, building materials, chemicals, environmental protection and other industries to edit a variety of reference electronic text, this text can also be printed with the emergence of. A general subscriber subscription is six months or a year, for this.

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