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morning QQ, N apply for groups of Pop News, and search marketing treasure: how to quickly establish the key contacts, found that there have been several websites reproduced, everyone can get support and affirmation, is very pleased to thank all the friends support jianglikun.

yesterday and the day before yesterday has completed the "marketing treasure: how to quickly establish contacts" last and then write the novella, today.

six, writing industry articles

This paper starts with

, to improve visibility should be said to be the most effective, a good article, will be N website, will form a long-term reputation effect, and as the author of you, but just need to move it. While you are writing, also can put their own to the promotion of the things in the article, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Like a friend of the author, is the beneficiary of this method, not only through the article made a lot of friends, and the major companies have opened his arms to him. Some people may say, this method does not have versatility, after all, not everyone is good at writing, how to do?.

1, everyone is a writer

mentioned in writing, many people used to think he very profound thought, to a few tons of ink, a more than and 800 degree of glasses, romantic snow before, in fact. The article is for the purpose of promoting exchange, so as long as the content is happy, can let the reader learn enough. So for your requirement is very simple, as long as is not too bad, can understand the words on OK, even if the word can not write all never mind.

2, how to determine the topic

because we write something to be able to communicate with their peers, know more people, accumulate more contacts, so choosing best to industry content, for example you are website promotion staff, then experience many write website promotion aspects, try to choose the industry concern, but the existing data and rarely subject, so it is easier to spread.

3, how to organize the content

this article is mainly for those who are not very good at writing friends. If you don’t know how to write content words, see what others write, then added, based on the refinement of others, or simply from several pieces of the same article, select the essence of what things. Here I give you a few ideas:

A, thinning method. For example, you see the "marketing treasure: how to quickly establish contacts", think that writing is not detailed, it can write a "intended to establish their own contacts", then the author write each separate written, clear each specific implementation steps.

B, summary method. If you do not have the ability to refine, then sum up. For example, in this article on the basis of, and then find a few articles on the construction of the network

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