News source to promote soft Wen how to write How to do news marketing

news source to promote the soft Wen refers to what is to be released to the major portal media on the promotion of soft Wen, the purpose is to quickly make the search engine revenue to enhance the rankings, to achieve the purpose of promotion. Soft Wen is not hard advertising, it is characterized by the audience in order to make all the people do not know the situation, the product promotion information to the reader as a real event report to experience, this is the promotion of soft wen. Therefore, the writing requirements for the news soft is very high! Not all of the author has the ability to control the positioning point, must be the product of information and news itself fusion.

now there are a lot of professional websites have provided the news soft soft Wen write on behalf of services, are based on customer needs "tailored" not only save time, but also can make soft planning more standardized. I know the Bo soft Wen marketing network is good, it is also a self timer platform is also the first in the country, opened a customer self-service press precedent, so that enterprises are no longer worried about writing!

news release is the fastest and most effective network marketing, as long as the news can be extended to the news source, it will be able to get a lot of views. Issued a press release on the hope that they will be able to publish the marketing of soft news can be the source of income, but it is not so simple to do, the following is my summary of the news release a number of necessary conditions:

select the media must ensure that it is the news source media, can be directly linked to the news source media editor. This is not necessary to say. Of course, can also be conducted by marketing news source soft Wen Bo Yang marketing network release, but have to pay attention to a problem, there are a lot of black intermediary in order to confuse the public, when communicating with customers to conceal the fact, for example: * * need to publish news source release, but the intermediary is not necessarily published to * * news source, customers found he fooled, only a dumb. So we must find the authoritative news release platform, Bo Yang news writing for this kind of platform is the needs of the population and set up self-service news release platform, it is in at science and Technology (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at accurate interactive marketing) a one-stop marketing platform (http// of soft news this promotion, the effect is very good, not only have the news release and marketing, micro-blog marketing, forum marketing, WeChat marketing, marketing quiz etc.. If you want to do all of the network marketing, Bo Yang is also a good choice!

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