Jiameidental what fire Perspective 2015 new trends in mobile marketing

sent a micro-blog in the evening of January 12th Huang Xiaoming, instantly causing tens of thousands of thousands of points and forwarding. Take a look, is just on the line of the direct number jiameidental. Jiameidental no direct fire! Why jiameidental fire? Why direct number and whipped up a whirlwind? Star effect is a part, but from the fire jiameidental, we can still see the trend and imagination of mobile marketing in 2015.


marketing opportunity: seize the imagination of "critical moment"

Why is

"jiameidental" fire? Instead of other catering and entertainment business enterprises? Dental treatment examine jiameidental, is indeed the consumption cycle is much longer than the catering and entertainment industry, there may not be willing to go to the customer every day "jiameidental" report. However, a detail is enlarged, that is "toothache is not a disease, but the pain is terrible, if there is a problem, consumers can not wait to find jiameidental, not a moment delay. Oral treatment compared to catering, entertainment and other service industries, timeliness stronger.


jiameidental no direct fire, reflects a trend in 2015 mobile marketing — "time marketing", to provide services in the most customer needs you, that is IBM has always stressed to seize the key moment (The moment of truth). Baidu direct number by a simple "@ jiameidental", can be used with mobile phone terminal consumers whenever and wherever possible, for the first time to meet the demand. So it can fit the time, jiameidental took the lead in the implementation of the direct number, but also for the industry to establish a "marketing opportunity" for example.

: service marketing content imagination manifest ahead of soft power display

from the perspective of consumer interaction. Jiameidental direct number to better connect people and services. This is not only because the jiameidental realizes the online booking service function, but also opened up a "specialist" teeth "and other innovative features. If the online booking is connected to the consumer and jiameidental service staff, then the "specialist" teeth "to connect people and services in more depth — the consumer and professional dentists are connected.


what is the significance of this connection? Many service companies, to provide services to consumers, and ultimately are reflected from the people. For example, massage, dentists, lawyers, consulting industry. However, before this, most marketing connection is the consumer reception, service enterprises own strength, quality is hidden deep, therefore, most consumers can only through the "layman watch" approach, to one-sided contact, make important consumer judgments, the majority of consumers are sensible, therefore and those who pay attention to the user interface, but may be endogenous quality of service is not strong enterprises to win the market.

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