North East leader Blog flow analysis of the original article

first, please allow me to independent domain blog — drift East Blog introduce my leader, the main blog articles are their own learning in the Network Marketing Institute of some experience and experience, I mainly study SEO, this blog is to share learning, research and exchange experience. Following the last site traffic exceeded 100 mark (see for details), and then yesterday, a new high, IP access for the first time exceeded 188, PV exceeded the amount of 679. In this section you can be regarded as an ad, I know, I and those IP on tens of thousands of high traffic sites or no way than, if reading this belong to this kind of people can skip, ignore the article, you have been very strong, believe you have better means of website promotion and method.

North East Blog leader is a personal learning blog, from my hand set up by their own hands, maintenance management, promotion. Many do not good, many places are not doing enough to be perfect, and his own website or blog prawns could not climb on, no comparable. I take you to visit the IP on the thousands of sites (blog) as a source of power, but also the goal of learning to compete, come on.

said website promotion, there are a lot of ways, a variety of ways to choose from. For example, money to burn smashing advertising, search engine bidding services etc.. Here I share with you a free, my own promotion website promotion Blog drift leader east main means, is very simple, but some hard, need to consume some brain cells, that is to write original articles, but you should be aware of these, everywhere contribution is very complicated, very tiring, and sometimes need to you speak with others for humble tone.

write articles, for some people may be very difficult, I personally think that they belong to the kind of writing some articles, do not speak, but will slowly do the type of person. Write original articles to mention, may pre construction site for the promotion, have you will write, later may be to write less, or simply reproduced for the original, such as: SEO daily post he sometimes go to reprint of others good article. For the sake of people, do not force yourself, if you feel fit to write articles, then continue to look down, it is not enough to close the page.

I choose to write articles, mainly taking into account the individual economic capacity, family status and other factors. After the completion of the blog, I have chosen to write articles, write original articles as a way to promote their blog, improve the main way and means of web traffic. Write original articles full of contributors, such as go to the station network, and other well-known contributors, iResearch website posting, original articles can be edited by the priority "care" and praise, if appropriate editorial appetite, your original article is likely to be in the home display, so that you can save not less to buy the chain or advertising money, do not spend a money, do not waste a penny also can reach.

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