Fu Yuanhui behind the explosion of red sports hand piece commercial value

Abstract: after the Olympic Games in London, Sun Yang took the car, insurance and sports apparel and other advertising, personal business valuation reached 20 million yuan. In 2013, Sun Yang also boarded the "Forbes" Chinese magazine celebrity list, ranked fiftieth, the estimated annual income of 30 million 300 thousand yuan.


Fu Yuanhui is completely out of order.

the two day broke another "field force" of Fu Yuanhui, two days micro-blog circle powder 3 million, become the biggest highlight of the Olympic games.

2016 Rio Olympic Games, in the backstroke semifinals after a CCTV interview, stunned by virtue of superior "force field" and an interview answer, humorous expression, Fu Yuanhui just two days will conquer the network onlookers, expand the "carrot" Sina micro-blog fans team that has become the Olympic Games in Rio China "the first red net".


also by micro-blog hot search, the fire be caught off guard.

A beautiful girl

expression package with a "field force"

96 year old girl born in Hangzhou, Fu Yuanhui, known as the 2011 World Youth swimming championships. Had participated in the women’s 100 metre backstroke finals in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, ranked eighth. Rivers and lakes called Fu ye".

over Fu Yuanhui micro-blog, you will be feeling in the sports strength of the players will use software over P long his big legs, also because of an interview to say the wrong thing in micro-blog as "the face" regret, she claimed to be "fresh" the beautiful girl, and outside the "sexy cheap goods" is not the same. Fu Yuanhui subverts the inherent cognition of athletes, her careless hit you heart the most soft place. Behind in this energy will sell adorable say duanzai demonstrative young girl "the power", is a free soul.



let’s feel Fu Yuanhui Satin hand potential:

asked: "don’t envy envy other athletes have a husband to accompany the


Fu Yuanhui: "I’ve been single for 19 years. I don’t know how to be happy."

: how do you solve the problem of swimming without a swimming pool?

Fu Yuanhui: bathtub.

: can I marry you,


Fu Yuanhui: No, I want to make a few years.

asked: what about you and master blows the mood.

Fu Yuanhui: supercilious.

asked: why? Why in the contest have not seen you? "

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